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Short takes: Demolition is the theme at Daytona, at UConn, and for Shaq

The Daytona 500, won by NASCAR driver Kurt Busch? It was kinda good.
The Daytona 500, won by NASCAR driver Kurt Busch? It was kinda good. TNS

I kind of liked the Daytona 500. Although I felt for some of the drivers, demolition derby never gets old. I’ve been writing since he showed up in Daytona Beach, Fla., that Kyle Larson would be a star. I thought he had this one. But his gas tank betrayed him. We’ve all been there, although not in sight of a checkered flag.

I salute Kurt Busch, who led only one lap. He coaxed everything he could out of his car and his gas tank. Busch has always been a talent. But he's also been a temp, sliding from team to team. Be interesting to see how far he goes with his new team. ...

▪  Waiting for takeout, I noticed the Connecticut women playing on a TV in the corner above the bar. I told a friend that for the Huskies the game was close.

“What’s the score?” he asked.

“I think it’s 19-4,” I said.

Does anybody who fills out women’s brackets pick against Connecticut? The Huskies have won, like, 1,000 straight games. If one team dominated men’s basketball the way they dominate women’s basketball, there’d be an insurrection. Ratings would fall and attendance would drop.

You can’t blame Connecticut. Isn’t sustained excellence the idea? If you follow the sport, I guess you blame everybody else. …

▪  Shaquille O’Neal’s hobby seems to be criticizing Golden State’s JaVale McGee. O’Neal takes shots at McGee on his Inside the NBA's "Shaqtin’ a Fool" segment. I have to admit, it was kind of funny. Co-worker Charles Barkley is the funniest man in sports, and maybe O’Neal tires of that.

McGee went back at O’Neal on Twitter and a Twitter war ensued. O’Neal threatened McGee. When that happens, the humor ends. O'Neal says he's finished with McGee. He says his mom told him to stop.

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