Tom Sorensen

Here’s indisputable proof that not every sportswriter loves the Tar Heels

What do you mean not all media are fans of North Carolina and coach Roy Williams?
What do you mean not all media are fans of North Carolina and coach Roy Williams?

You probably know this, but when sportswriters go to a game they pull for a good story. They also tend to prefer one team to another.

For all but a few, however, that preference is not reflected in their work. Give us something to write and we’re thrilled.

Many readers think that we all love North Carolina. The Tar Heels get more attention than everybody else because there is more interest in the Tar Heels than in everybody else. The Tar Heels have more fans, and more detractors.

There are qualities I admire about North Carolina basketball, but I’ll be honest. I like Duke. I like the way Mike Krzyzewski coaches and the way his players play and the manner in which he fashions his team around his talent.

And when you listen to him tell a story, you want to slap the ground and guard somebody, preferably somebody in his mid-60s with a slow first step and minimal range.

You wouldn’t know which team I prefer by reading my work. I promise. Problem is that there are fans who get out of bed convinced that the media, game officials, ACC commissioner John Swofford and Jay Bilas are out to get their team. It’s not true. But if you need that, have at it.

And as much as I respect the Blue Devils, however, I can’t pull for them this season even when nobody is watching.

Duke is the team for which Grayson Allen plays.

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