Tom Sorensen

Kyle Busch-Joey Logano flyweight fight put NASCAR in conversation with heavyweights

After Sunday’s race, Kyle Busch’s car wasn’t all that was steaming and damaged.
After Sunday’s race, Kyle Busch’s car wasn’t all that was steaming and damaged. AP

Are you a fan of NASCAR? No? Did you watch a replay of the Kyle Busch-Joey Logano fight at Las Vegas Motor Speedway?

Of course you did. And even if you didn’t, you said you did so you wouldn’t be left out of the conversation.

Busch and Logano got into each other on the final lap. Logano emerged without damage and Busch got hammered. So Busch confronted Logano after the race. Logano again emerged without damage while Busch again got hammered.

NASCAR wants to be part of the national conversation. Until the altercation, it wasn’t. Sports fans talked about NFL free agency, which moved faster than Logano or Busch did on the Las Vegas track.

Fans also talked about the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and where their team was going and what does the selection committee have against Wichita State and don’t you wish North Carolina and Duke were playing in Greensboro?

The race: Among other sports receiving votes. What was the name of the race? You don’t know. Who won? Hint: He’s talented and charismatic. But you don’t know that, either.

Neither Busch nor Logano is physically imposing. This was for the flyweight championship of the world. But that was real blood running down Busch’s forehead. At this moment, somebody in NASCAR is attempting to schedule a rematch, not on the track, where somebody could get hurt, but in the pits.

A lot of fans have a favorite spot in the grandstands. I prefer ringside.

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