Tom Sorensen

Short takes: These things should be even shorter, and don’t include pajamas

Would the world be a better place with less of ... Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry?
Would the world be a better place with less of ... Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry? TNS

Many people in and out of the NBA would like to reduce the length of the season. I love the sport, but there are too many games. They play 82. I’d cut it to 72. I’m not sure how the math would work out, so I’d hire an analytics graduate from an accredited university.

▪  Another sport with a season that goes on too long is NASCAR.

I know NFL and NBA and college basketball and football coaches who work absurd hours. But I doubt that any of them puts in as many hours as NASCAR teams do.

The season includes 36 races. I’m not sure if fewer races would boost attendance and television ratings, but it couldn’t hurt. Twenty-eight feels like a good number.

I’d also reduce the length of races. I don’t know anybody in or out of the sport who says, “I sure wish races didn’t end so quickly.”

NASCAR could start by making only one stop a season in Pocono and Dover. That’s still one more stop than the NFL and NBA make. ...

▪  One reason for the Carolinas’ intense interest in the NFL draft is that the Panthers will pick higher than they have since 2011, when with the first pick they took Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. Another reason is that it’s the NFL draft….

▪  The 2017 Masters was compelling and dramatic and everything an elite sport event is supposed to be. A bonus: As far as I know, nobody wearing PGA pajamas and watching the tournament on TV called in to complain that a golfer cheated.

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