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Short takes: Michael Oher troubling, conspiracy theories bubbling. And Hank Jr. ...

The Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher posted to, then deleted from, his Instagram account as he deals with a concussion was troubling.
The Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher posted to, then deleted from, his Instagram account as he deals with a concussion was troubling. AP

The picture Carolina Panthers tackle Michael Oher posted on Instagram is troubling. In the picture are 10 bottles of pills that Oher presumably takes. It’s no surprise that Oher’s concussion is treated with multiple medications. But he sustained his concussion last September.

One would hope that by now he would have incrementally weaned himself from some of the pills. He might always require some. Head trauma is like that. But 10 bottles nine months after his concussion suggests that his future might not be on a football field…

▪  The reason Hank Williams Jr. is returning to Monday Night Football after an absence of six years is – you got me. I can’t think of a reason. I don’t think Hank done it this way. …

▪  I’ve heard from readers who contend that the NBA finals were fixed. The idea is that the league fixed Game 4, Cleveland’s lone victory, to extend the finals for one more game. How would you fix a basketball game? How many people would have to be involved? How do you find so many discreet people?

Officials do miss calls. In related news, players miss shots and reporters miss deadlines. To think that a few powerful people met in a secret bunker to fix the result of an NBA playoff game is absurd. The secret bunker wasn’t even available. The powerful people who plot to cheat the Panthers every Sunday had already reserved it. …

▪  You didn’t have to be a college baseball fan to appreciate Davidson’s college baseball team. People say, “Act like you’ve been there before.” The Wildcats had never been to the NCAA tournament. After skipping past North Carolina in the Chapel Hill regional, they advanced to the Super Regional against Texas A&M. They had never been there, either.

We like underdogs, some of us. This was a capable underdog. If they beat the Aggies they advance to the College World Series. The Wildcats didn’t. But they did play with class and grace, and until the end seemed to have a better time than anybody.

I can come up with only one word that describes their good work – thanks. …

▪  Former Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams will make his professional wrestling debut on an IMPACT wrestling card July 2 in Orlando. He’ll be part of a tag team.

You know one thing. Williams will wear a costume. When the Panthers played the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, Williams walked to the bleachers to better appreciate the outfits fans wore. Most of the outfits featured a little Darth Vader and a lot of Road Warrior. Williams was mesmerized.

IMPACT was previously known as TNT. I tell you, wrestling is no joke. I went to pro wrestling school in Atlanta, and got stomped. I had a good hold, too – the deadline. But with some 350-pound guy on top of me, I never got to use it.

▪  I like it when pro athletes move from one sport to another. Former Carolina linebacker Kevin Greene also wrestled, moving seamlessly from the artificial turf to the squared circle. It’s a Panthers’ tradition. Next up? I nominate Captain Munnerlyn.

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