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Short Takes: On Colin Kaepernick, Carmelo Anthony and more winners of summer

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) should be one of the winners of summer, but it hasn’t happened yet.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) should be one of the winners of summer, but it hasn’t happened yet. AP

I still think Colin Kaepernick will play this season. But for him to get a job, somebody will have to get hurt. A team might dislike Kaepernick. But the idea is to win. And if there is an experienced, but flawed, unemployed quarterback such as Kaepernick waiting to sign, somebody will sign him. Yes, he took a knee last season before the games began. He chose to. He got to.

Kaepernick is not a star and he might not be a starter. So, tell me how many teams have two quarterbacks who are better than he is. …

▪  Speaking of players who no longer are stars, do you want Carmelo Anthony on your basketball team? Anthony can score and rebound. But can you win with him? If he no longer is the best player on his team (and if he's your best player you won't win), will he still be the place basketballs go to die?

If your team is a player away from competing with the NBA’s elite, is Anthony that player? I say no. But late in the career of many athletes legacy becomes important. So they fit in to win.

It will be interesting to see who offers Anthony a job. A 14-year veteran, he is 33.

Houston is James Harden’s team, although it will likely become Chris Paul’s. Paul runs that offense regardless of who is on it, Anthony included, which will be good for Anthony.

Cleveland is one player short of Golden State, as the 2017 finals attest. Anthony would be an interesting addition there. LeBron James is supremely unselfish with the ball. Perhaps that selflessness will become contagious….

▪  The Charlotte Hornets have won the off-season. Through free agency and the draft, they’ve put themselves in position to win. I think training camp and the exhibition games will be intriguing…

▪  Speaking of camp, the Carolina Panthers report to Spartanburg and Wofford College in 21 days. I’m not ready for it. I require summer, and when camp begins summer ends unless, you know, I’m at the beach. …

▪  I do like Spartanburg. I suspect if you polled the players, they’d overwhelmingly vote to stay in Charlotte, practice downtown and sleep in adult-sized beds in their own homes. But Wofford, where the Panthers train, is owner Jerry Richardson’s school. And although the dorm rooms in which the players stay are, um, less than luxurious, the school does a very good job with camp. If you poll the coaches and executives, I suspect they vote to make the annual late summer trip down I-85.

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