Tom Sorensen

Saturday offers another chance for boxing to be interesting – for a price

Gennady Golovkin will make boxing fun to watch on Saturday in Las Vegas.
Gennady Golovkin will make boxing fun to watch on Saturday in Las Vegas. AP

The Floyd Mayweather-Colin McGregor fight was compelling in that the boxers were like members of different species coming together in the same ring. The fight was better than I expected; McGregor fought well. But he was never going to beat Mayweather.

For boxing fans, Mayweather-McGregor was the preliminary. The main event is Saturday, also in Las Vegas, when Canelo Alvarez fights Gennady Golovkin. These are two of the best fighters in the world, and their records prove it.

Alvarez, 27, is 49-1-1. Mayweather beat him two Septembers ago. Mayweather was still close to his prime then, and Alvarez couldn’t get to him. Alvarez is accustomed to getting to opponents. He has 34 knockouts.

Golovkin, 35, has knocked out 89 percent of his opponents. He is 37-0 with 33 knockouts. Neither fighter wants to back up. I’m not sure if Golovkin is capable. To him, the opening bell is a green light. It’s what he knows.

Alvarez is the better boxer and, as a counter-puncher, generates enormous power. At 5-10, Golovkin is an inch taller and has a three-inch reach advantage. He’s aggressive and powerful.

The fight is available on HBO pay-per-view, and charges vary from cable system to cable system. On Spectrum, my carrier, the fight is $69.99.

The boxers have been in the ring together. Seven years ago, Alvarez served as a sparing partner. The hope was that Golovkin would become a better boxer and Alvarez would learn to hit with more precision.

Alvarez has improved markedly since the loss to Mayweather. Golovkin, meanwhile, has looked unbeatable – until his last fight, when he beat Daniel Jacobs by unanimous decision.

This fight is rare. You get two boxers the same size that can claim to be the best in their sport at any weight.

I like Golovkin. But mostly, I like the opportunity to see this fight.

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