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Short takes: Why Tiger Woods is still a draw. About that 8-year-old Panthers tweet...

Quarterback Brian St. Pierre had been changing a diaper when the Carolina Panthers phoned.
Quarterback Brian St. Pierre had been changing a diaper when the Carolina Panthers phoned.

For one of the first times, I pulled for Tiger Woods last week in Los Angeles. I pull for many of the old guys who attempt to come back. Woods, 42, missed the cut at the Genesis Open. He’s returning from multiple back surgeries, and has six weeks before he plays the Masters. He played his first Masters 21 years ago.

This country likes to see the old guys make a final run. We even cheered for Jimmy Connors at the U.S. Open. When Tiger shows up at a tournament, the dynamic changes. His galleries in Augusta look for a reason to cheer, and Tiger often provides one. He’s no longer the best. But many of us want to see him compete with those that are.

▪  The Chicago Blackhawks banned four hockey fans from their home games for yelling at and taunting an opposing player who happened to be black. It’s 2018 where the Blackhawks live, and I applaud the move. Not sure what year it is where the fans live.

▪  If I were betting, I would bet that the next owner(s) of the Carolina Panthers will be a man with whom few of us are familiar.

▪  I read Tim Tebow’s name the other day. In the told days, that meant that Florida or the Denver Broncos were about to open camp. Now it means that Major League Baseball teams have.

▪  If somebody asked you to name the men’s 2018 NCAA basketball champion, which school would you say? Do you stay close to home and say Virginia or Duke or North Carolina? Despite Virginia’s ascendance, the Cavaliers are not the unquestioned favorite. They’ve fallen in the NCAA tournament too many times, twice to Michigan State, and to Florida and Syracuse. I like Virginia, which is ranked No. 1. But if I had to pick a team now, I’d consider Michigan State, Virginia and Villanova, and go with Duke. Fortunately, I don’t have to make my pick now.

▪  In 2010, the Carolina Panthers finished 2-14. They needed a quarterback, weren’t terribly high on rookies and started Brian St. Pierre. St. Pierre had been changing a diaper when the Panthers phoned. Calling a player a journeyman usually is an insult. But St. Pierre was a level beneath journeyman.

Yet, against the Baltimore Ravens, he hit David Gettis down the left sideline for 88 yards. I sent out a tweet that said the Panthers had found their quarterback and did not need to draft one. The tweet was an example of a thing I like to call sarcasm. The Panthers desperately needed a quarterback, and in the 2011 draft, they found Cam Newton. I did write that they would and should select him.

I thought the St. Pierre Tweet was funny then and, OK, I still think it’s funny. But some readers thought I was serious, which is their prerogative. They reacted to the 2010 tweet this week on Twitter.

My questions are: How long does it take to find an 8-year-old Tweet? Who has time to search for one? Is searching for dust-covered tweets a hobby or a lifestyle? And have you considered Spider Solitaire?

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