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With more time to think, here’s my complete 2018 NCAA basketball tournament bracket.

Columnist Tom Sorensen had some extra time to fill out his bracket for the 2018 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament.
Columnist Tom Sorensen had some extra time to fill out his bracket for the 2018 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament. AP

When I wrote for the Charlotte Observer full time, I made my picks immediately after the brackets were divulged. This season, I had all day Monday to assess them.

Several years ago I won every pool I entered and, using my picks, some of you did, too. You were nice enough to ask what you could do for me. A dark blue Porsche 911 seemed like a bit much. So I asked you to make a contribution to Charlotte’s Crisis Assistance Ministry, a pubic private partnership that began in 1975. That, 1975, was the season UCLA’s John Wooden won his 10th and final championship.

In the mail I received three cards from Crisis Assistance Ministry. Three of you made a donation in my name. Crisis Assistance helps people that desperately need help with rent, food, utilities, clothes and furniture. So if you use my picks and attain any success the next few weeks, you know what to do. Thanks.

My brackets:


Virginia beats Maryland-Baltimore County, Creighton beats Kansas State, Davidson beats Kentucky by two in overtime, Arizona beats Buffalo, Miami beats Loyola-Chicago, Tennessee beats Wright State, Texas beats Nevada and Cincinnati beats Georgia State.

Virginia beats Creighton, Arizona beats Davidson, Tennessee beats Miami and Cincinnati beats Texas.

Virginia beats Arizona – fantastic game – and Tennessee beats Cincinnati.

Virginia beats Tennessee and advances to the Final Four.


Xavier beats the N.C. Central-Texas Southern winner, Missouri beats Florida State, Ohio State beats South Dakota State by four, Gonzaga beats UNC-Greensboro, Houston beats San Diego State, Michigan beats Montana, Providence beats Texas A&M and North Carolina beats Lipscomb.

Xavier beats Missouri, Gonzaga beats Ohio State, Michigan beats Houston and North Carolina beats Providence.

Xavier beats Gonzaga and Michigan beats North Carolina.

Michigan beats Xavier in double overtime and advances to the Final Four.


Villanova beats the Radford, Virginia Tech beats Alabama, West Virginia beats Murray State, Wichita State beats Marshall, Florida beats St. Bonaventure, Texas Tech beats Steven F. Austin, Arkansas beats Butler, and Purdue beats CSU-Fullerton.

Villanova beats Virginia Tech, Wichita State (head coach Gregg Marshall is just so good) beats West Virginia, Texas Tech beats Florida, and Purdue beats Arkansas.

Villanova beats Wichita State and Purdue beats Texas Tech.

Villanova beats Purdue and advances to the Final Four.


Kansas beats Penn, N.C. State beats Seton Hall, Clemson beats New Mexico State, Auburn beats Charleston, TCU beats the Arizona State-Syracuse winner, Michigan State beats Bucknell, Rhode Island beats Oklahoma, and Duke beats Iona.

Kansas beats N.C. State, Auburn beats Clemson, Michigan State beats TCU and Duke beats Rhode Island.

Kansas beats Auburn and Michigan State beats Duke.

Michigan State beats Kansas to advance to the Final Four.


Virginia beats Michigan 58-53, and Villanova beats Michigan State.

Villanova beats Virginia to win the NCAA championship.

I don’t like having two No. 1 seeds and two No. 3 seeds in the Final Four. But that’s how the picks worked out on this sunny Tuesday afternoon.

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