Tom Sorensen

These five words should guide new Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper

The question I have for new Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is this. How involved will you be with football decisions?

Owners of NFL (and NBA and Major League Baseball) teams get involved in personnel and strategy decisions because they’re accustomed to winning. If you can afford a team, you’ve done something right. If you inherited the team, you also did something right — you were born to the right parents.

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When your team fails to win, what do you do? You’re a winner. It’s your team, and who wants to win more than you do?

I want an owner who hires the right people and steps out of the way.

Tepper’s football team already has a perfectly good general manager and head coach. And despite the scandal that compelled Jerry Richardson to sell the team, the organization has several strong candidates who would make an effective team president.

If I’m Tepper, the first assignment I give myself is to get to know the organization. Get to know the city and region in which the Panthers operate. Get to know the people that make Charlotte go.

Be visible. And meet some of the fans that devote their money and their emotion to the team.

You’re all in this together.

If I’m the new owner of the Panthers, those five words are my guide.

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