What do robbery and prison time have to do with the wine at a Barrington’s dinner?

hosting a dinner at Barrington’s restaurant with Stagecoach Vineyard out of Napa.
hosting a dinner at Barrington’s restaurant with Stagecoach Vineyard out of Napa. Courtesy of Assorted Table Wine Shoppe

On Nov. 3, 1883, Wild West stagecoach robber Black Bart made his last robbery attempt, leaving behind a key piece of evidence that would eventually land him in prison. More than a century later, two brothers would incorporate the story into their new winery’s namesake. And Stagecoach Vineyard was born.

A hundred and thirty-six years and three days later, on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 6:30 p.m., Chef Bruce Moffett and wine expert and proprietor of Assorted Table Wine Shoppe, Josh Villapando, are hosting a dinner at Barrington’s restaurant with Stagecoach Vineyard out of Napa.

Five courses from Chef Jason Newman and the rest of Moffett’s team will be paired with five wines. The $175 cost includes both taxes and gratuity.

This is the first time Villapando and Moffett have worked together in 18 years. To put that into historical perspective along Charlotte’s timeline, Barrington’s was a fledgeling restaurant, open only one year, its effect on our city’s culinary scene not yet fully realized.

In May 2001, years before 7th Street Public Market would be built, where Assorted Table Wine Shoppe sits now, Villapando worked with Moffett on a wine dinner at Pasta & Provisions on Providence Road. And to put that small empire into perspective, it was the only location — and would remain that way for another 14 years.

These two Charlotte greats in the food and wine world will play hosts to Stagecoach Vineyard’s executive vice president, Sandy Huffine. Huffine will discuss the wine in an intimate setting. Each course will be paired with a specific wine. So seasonal is Moffett’s kitchen, the menu is not yet set.

“It’s going to be very red wine-heavy — true to the weather,” Villapando said.

Tickets for the dinner are being sold directly through the restaurant. Call Assorted Table Wine Shoppe at (704) 277-3234 to make a reservation. Space is limited to 40 seats, and some tickets have been sold, according to Villapando.

Other interesting facts about Stagecoach:

  • After investing countless dollars on traditional research methods, water source was discovered by consulting a water witch.
  • Pritchard Hill, where Stagecoach Vineyard is located, is one of the most sought after viticultural regions in the USA.
  • The winery sold the land to Gallo in 2017, but has contractually retained access to the highest quality grapes for its own wines.