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Rent growth shows signs of slowing

After a remarkable run-up in housing costs that has crimped budgets, forced families from their neighborhoods and contributed to homelessness, it appears rent growth is slowing in Southern California and across the nation.

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The Mortgage Professor: Replacing the 4 percent rule for retirees

In a recent article I cited some of the weaknesses of the "4 percent rule," which says that it is probably safe for a retiree to draw an amount every year equal to 4 percent of the current value of a stock portfolio, rising modestly year by year with inflation. The principal weakness is that the retiree does not know and cannot easily control the risk that is involved.

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Real estate Q&A: Can neighbor make me remove gravel path between our properties?

Q: I live in a gated community with zero lot lines between houses. About 12 years ago, I asked my neighbor if he would be interested in putting a gravel path from the front to the back between our properties, as it is impossible to grow grass in this shaded area and it got muddy. His response was: "Do whatever you want. I never go on that side of the house." Now he decided to send a certified letter telling me that part of the path is on his property, and he wants it removed, or he will consult an attorney. Do I have to remove it? – Barry

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The Mortgage Professor: Retirees and the asset management challenge

Previous generations, retiring with defined-benefit pension plans provided by employers, seldom concerned themselves with the investments that secured those plans. That was the employer's problem – except when the investments turned out to be insufficient to make the required pension payments, when it would suddenly become the retirees' problem. But that was an uncommon aberration.

Romare Bearden Park time lapse

Twilight drifts over buildings surrounding uptown Charlotte park