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EastSide Local Eatery is opening next month with smoothies, super-juices and vegetarian menu items

Courtesy of EastSide Local Eatery on Facebook
Courtesy of EastSide Local Eatery on Facebook

EastSide Local Eatery (ESL) is opening next month in the Eastway Crossing shopping center at 3102 Eastway Drive near the corner of Eastway Drive and Central Avenue. Its focus will be on coffee, smoothies, cold bites, and fruit and vegetable super-juices (called ‘The Local’ Liquids). And the prices are reasonable even after a selection curated to remain fresh and local (ESL’s avocado toast is a record-low $5—about half the going rate).

The vegan and vegetarian menu will include bagels, salads (like tofu with veggies) and healthful soups.

Charlotte Coffee Co. is generating ESL’s medium roast ($2.50, small; $2.90, large/also available by the pound) while Enderly Coffee Co. is roasting its ‘EastSide Pride Dark Roast’ ($2.50, small; $2.90, large). Plenty of specialty drinks will also be available from a horchata latte ($4.75, small, $5.50, large) to perhaps the world’s best liquid walking-dessert—a Vietnamese Iced Coffee ($4.75).

On Saturday, Sept. 15, from 4–8 p.m., co-owners Brenda Gambill and Penny Craver, also members of NC’s own The Doubting Thomas Band, will host a Friends and Family Drop In event, and it should resemble a good ol’ fashioned potluck—if there were all professional cooks on the block.

Alyssa Ruane, for Charlotte Magazine, announced ESL’s move into the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. The new eatery has an interesting cast of owners and operators who look to make good on its namesake by supporting local small businesses with every opportunity.

This should be a nice fit for the shopping center that already includes US Foods CHEF’STORE (shop for dry goods and cookouts), Tommy’s Pub (one of the top five dive bars in CLT, if you ask me), Portofino’s Italian Restaurant Eastway (split the massive lasagna for $13 and a side of garlic bread for $5), El Potrero (for cowboy hats and awesome-if-you-can-pull-them-off-boots), and plenty more. (Pro tip: Don’t let the name “Atlantic Farmers Market,” directly in the middle of Eastway Crossing mislead you. It is not a local produce market but rather a shop with international goods—certainly worth checking out if your dinner repertoire has gotten stale.)

ESL should bring more of a hangout feel to this retail space and provide a destination for healthy, or healthy-for-today residents looking to stay in the neighborhood.

According to an ESL Facebook page post on Wednesday, Aug. 22, “The juicery-cafe-combo is slated to open around early September.”