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The top 20 fries around Charlotte—from truffle fries to fully loaded sweet potato

Photo via @charlottefoodscene Instagram
Photo via @charlottefoodscene Instagram

I’ve noshed on fries all over the city, enjoying them in their purest form with delicious dipping sauces to massive piles smothered in crazy toppings that would fulfill any fry fantasy. If you’re looking for a little extra oomph in your fry game, check out some of these scrumptious fries around the Queen City.

If we missed your favorite crunchy snack, let us know in the comments section so we can check out their fry game next!

Zucchini fries:

(1) Leroy Fox Kitchen & Cocktails

705 S. Sharon Amity Road

It’s hard to find a good zucchini fry, so when you do, make sure to keep them close to your heart. I absolutely love the boom boom sauce that’s served with the Zucchini Fries ($8) at this fun eatery in the Cotswold area. The zucchini is cut thicker than most places, which makes them seem similar to deep-fried pickle spears. Another recommendation are the sweet potato tots.

Leroy Fox
Photo via Leroy Fox Instagram

(2) Tenders Fresh Food

18341 Statesville Road, Cornelius

For those of you who are trying to start the year on a healthier note, the zucchini version here is hard to beat. They have a nice crunch on the outside and the dipping sauces are amazing (my favorite is the garlic). Full disclosure — don’t expect a completely crunchy fry. Since they’re made out of zucchini, the center is going to be soft with a nice crust on the exterior. The difference in textures, though, are pleasing. Note: this restaurant is affiliated with PDQ, so the menu is very similar.

Zucchini Fries Tenders Fresh Food – Jess Bentley

Sweet potato fries:

(3) Moo & Brew

1300 Central Ave.

This burger bar offers a lot more than their fully loaded handhelds. Have you seen their fry menu? I’m a big fan of their Parmesan-Garlic Fries ($5) as well as the Bleu Buffalo Nacho Fries ($5). But I have to say that their Sweet Potato Fries ($4) are killer. They truly taste homemade, and I honestly like them plain.

Moo and Brew
Photo via Moo and Brew Instagram

(4) The Improper Pig

110 S. Sharon Amity Road

I have four words for you — Sweet Potato Waffle Fries ($3). There’s something extra special about a waffle fry. There’s more surface for crispy edges and the sweet potato center is moist and soft. It’s the perfect ratio! Bonus points: This side item is vegan (however, the ribs in the photo are not).

Yuca fries:

(5) Sabor Latin Street Grill

Multiple Locations

If you’re looking for something that’s a little outside the box, the Dominican Nachos ($8.95) are served with Yuca fries instead of the regular spuds you see on other menus. They come with shredded chicken that’s sautéed with tomato and onion, and are topped with pico de gallo, cabbage, cojita cheese and rosada. Talk about a mouthful of flavor.

(6) Pio Pio

1408 East Blvd.

I’ve professed my love for this restaurant in the past, and I’m going to do it again. If you’re looking for authentic Peruvian or Latin American cuisine, this place is your spot. The fried yuca ($3.75) is served as a side item and I highly recommend adding it to your order. They taste very similar to potatoes, but have that little extra zing you can’t put your finger on (unless you knew they were yuca fries).

Fully loaded fries:

For this section, I’ve asked a few of my good friends for their favorite concoctions around Charlotte.

(7) What the Fries Food Truck

Various Locations by day

Jessica’s pick (@thesweetseoul): Steak & Shrimp Hibachi Fries ($12).

“I LOVE these because it’s all the ingredients that I love packed into one delicious dish! The fries are fried perfectly to stand up to all the toppings without the fries getting soggy. Super fresh, super filling, and my top three favorite fries in Charlotte.”

Steak & Shrimp Hibachi Fries – What the Fries – Sweet_Soul_in_Charlotte
What the Fries Steak & Shrimp Hibachi Fries

(8) Crepe Cellar

3116 North Davidson Street

Allie’s pick (@eatdrinkclt): Pesto Brie Fries ($8 small / $13 Large)

“They are so dang good!! A must-get at Crepe Cellar; crunchy and piled with flavor!”

Crepe Cellar
Photo via @eatdrinkclt Instagram

(9) Stoke Charlotte

100 W. Trade Street

Jessica’s pick (@finickylady): Garbage Fries ($9)

“The Garbage Fries at Stoke is a perfect go-to Southern comfort dish taken to the next level. Every fork-full from the hot skillet has melted pimento cheese and warm beef gravy drizzled over crunchy fries. Each bite tastes better than the last; they’re addicting!”

Stoke’s Garbage Fries via @sliceofjess

(10) Midwood Smokehouse

Multiple Locations

My pick (@sliceofjess): Pimento Cheese Fries ($6 vegetarian, $9 with meat)

“Growing up in California, I had never heard of pimento cheese (boy, was I missing out). Midwood steps things up a notch by serving its homemade version over crinkle-cut fries with your choice of chopped pork or beef brisket. This appetizer is served as a sharable portion, but it tastes so good you might want to keep it all to yourself. Gimme!”

Photo via @sliceofjess Instagram

(11) Pinky’s Westside Grill

Multiple Locations

Julia’s pick (@cltchomp): Pimp’n Fries ($6.95)

Julia also picked Crepe Cellar’s Pesto Fries and Midwood Smokehouse’s Pimento Cheese Fries as her favorites.

“So, I don’t know if I can say [they’re a] tie because they’re all so different. These are my favorite because they are savory little plates of heaven – gooey pimento on both Midwood and Pinky’s and heaps of pesto at Crepe Cellar. Definitely a treat-yo-self kind of dish.”

(12) Seoul Food Meat Co.

1400 S. Church Street

Sarah’s pick (@charlottefoodscene): Kimchi Fries ($4)

“These kimchi fries are the perfect bite of sweet and salty. [They] will have you leaving 100 percent satisfied. Topped with all the Korean BBQ fixins’, they make for some of my favorite fries in Charlotte. Take my advice and get multiple orders of these. You’ll thank me later.”

Photo via @charlottefoodscene Instagram

(13) Oak Steakhouse

4777 Sharon Road, Suite 125

Shannon’s pick (@uptowngirlclt): Truffle Frites ($9)

“I love Oak Steakhouse’s fries because for $9 you get an epic portion of truffle fries [that are] delicately smothered in finely shredded parmesan cheese to share with the whole table. They are so addicting!”

Truffle Frites – Oak Steakhouse – Uptowngirlclt
Oak Steakhouse's Truffle Frites

(14) 8.2.0. Charlotte

820 Hamilton Street

Stephanie’s pick (@lifebychipsahoyt): Pommes Frites ($5 + $1.25 per dip)

“These fresh cut fries are a favorite because they are thick cut, [which allows you] to get as much dip as possible from cup to mouth! The fries are cooked twice and can be dipped in any of [their] sixteen different sauces.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 8.42.09 AM
Photo via @lifebychipsahoyt Instagram

(15) Foxcroft Wine

1235 East Blvd., Suite I + 7824 Fairview Rd.

CharlotteFive editor’s pick: Truffle Fries ($9)

Sure their wine is amazing. It’s a wine bar after all. But you know what makes a perfect pair with your glass of vino? Foxcroft Wine’s truffle fries; truffle oil, herbs, shaved parmesan and side of aioli. It’s the starter you never knew you needed on an everyday basis. Okay, that would be unhealthy, but that’s how good these frites are.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.26.31 PMPhoto by foxcroftwineco on InstagramPhoto via foxcroftwineco on Instagram

(16) Rosemont

1714 South Blvd.

CharlotteFive editor’s pick: Fries, Fries, Fries ($9)

If you’re looking for classic bar food, Rosemont is your spot. If you can’t decide if you’re wanting a salty or sweet fry, Rosemont is your spot. Their Fries, Fries, Fries appetizer is served on a tray with waffle fries, seasoned fries and sweet potato fries, plus three dipping sauces. What more could you ask for?

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.54.29 PMPhoto via katyeatsclt on InstagramPhoto via katyeatsclt on Instagram

More fries worth a mention:

(17) Burger 21

14825 Ballantyne Village Way

First and foremost, I must mention that they have a sauce bar for your dipping pleasure. I repeat, a sauce bar filled with 10 signature sauces (from toasted marshmallow to honey mustard to Thai chili ketchup)! They offer regular french fries ($2.50 for a side), sweet potato fries, onion strings, cheese-ale fries and beef chili. Yum.

Photo via @sliceofjess Instagram

(18) CHUBZ Famous Chiliburgers

200-A W. Woodlawn Rd. 

Widely known for the scrumptious burgers, I think that the fries here are equally as exciting. Go ahead and order them smothered in chili cheese ($5.50), you won’t regret it. I also like to add jalapeños ($.50) for a bit of a kick. The homemade beer-battered onion rings ($4.50) are pretty tasty as well.

(19) Kickstand Burgers and Bar

1101 Central Ave.

I almost added this place to the sweet potato section because their sweet tots ($2.75) are fantastic. They have a hint of maple syrup and encompass a nice crunch. However, the pimento cheese fries ($8) are pure bliss and I encourage you to try them.

Photo via @kickstandclt Instagram

(20) Little Big Burger

Multiple Locations

The menu here is simple and to the point. You’re here for a great burger with a side of fries (perhaps a root beer float too while you’re at it). The truffle fries here are great: shoestring skin on potatoes enhanced with white truffle oil and sea salt ($2.75).

Editor’s note: This piece originally published in January 2018 and has been updated.