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Pros and cons of 5 Charlotte meal-prep services


Charlotte offers so many options for meal prep services. In an effort to reduce the amount of money I was spending eating out, and the amount of time I was spending meal prepping (and still just eating out anyways), I decided to try out a few different options to see which fit best with my lifestyle.

Over the past few weeks, I tried five different local meal prep options: Get Fit Foods, Nourish, The Good Kitchen, Project Lean Nation and The Green Bunny. While each had something different to offer, they all made me eat at home more, stress about cooking way less and in the grand scheme of things, save some money.

Get Fit Foods

14825 Ballantyne Village Way, 4425 Park Rd Suite #130, 1311 Pecan Ave.

For a more detailed look at Get Fit Foods – check out our previous article on them here. GFF has three locations in Charlotte now, making it convenient to pick up your pre-prepped meals.

Jalapeño salmon with cauliflower mash

Pricing: $7-$9 per meal a la carte, or a 3-day plan for $60 (small meals) / $75 (regular meals) and a 5-day plan for $90 / $120

Duration: Five days

Food consumed: I purchased 10 meals – a mix of entrees and salads. The best was the salmon with cauliflower mash, and a big shout out to the mac and cheese and brisket.


  • Convenience. It’s not delivery. It’s a brick and mortar location (there are now three in Charlotte), and you just go in at any point and pick up whatever food you want.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack options! The protein muffins are always in my fridge, now.


  • Lack of variety. The meals remain the same throughout each week, so there’s not much room for variety if you are only using their services.
  • No delivery. While this is fine with me since I live near their Plaza Midwood location, I can see this being a con for some.


Having been around for six years, Nourish is a staple of Charlotte’s meal prep market. Everything offered is plant-based, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free and whole-foods based.


Pricing: They have several meal plan options, for whatever your needs may be – priced at three- and five-day models. For just lunches, a popular option, five days is $173 and three days is $104. They also have an a la carte menu here that rotates every week. Sides are as cheap as $7 and entrees average around $12-$14

Duration: Four days – lunch and dinner

Food consumed: Pizza lasagna, salad of the week, hummus – to name a few.


  • Everything is plant-based, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free and whole-foods based
  • The deliveries are hand-delivered by Julia and her team. This is such a nice, personal touch. I absolutely loved it.


  • Cost. While the food is next level – and I mean next level – it definitely is pricier than the other options.
  • There are no labels with the nutrition facts listed on each meal. The nutrition information for each week is available online – just requires a bit more digging.

Project Lean Nation

2210 Hawkins St.

Project Lean Nation has a focus on goal setting, so you can meet with a team member and actually set your goals before picking your meals. They have a few different meal options based on your goals as well, making it a very flexible option. Everything is also flash frozen as soon as it is prepared, so there are no preservatives and the meals really have longevity.

Lean Nation

Pricing: Between $7 and $9 per meal, depending on which plan you choose.

Duration: Three days – dinners only

Food consumed: Sweet chili beef, garlic parmesan flounder and cantina chicken.

Garlic Herb Turkey via Project Lean Nation Charlotte’s Instagram


  • Their brick and mortar location has smoothies … and that’s just a nice little perk.
  • You can freeze all the meals.


  • There is a delivery fee of $10 if you cannot make it to their location in South End.

The Good Kitchen

Everything is fresh, with organic grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood. You can order as few as five meals and as many as 35 meals at once. The menu changes weekly, and you can either choose your own meals every delivery, or have them choose for you.

Good Kitchen

Pricing: $14 / meal – you choose the frequency and amount of meals delivered.

Duration: Seven days – dinners only

Food consumed: My favorites were the mushroom bolognese with turnip noodles and BBQ shrimp with polenta cakes.


  • The food is wildly good – like, wildly. It’s all microwavable, so it’s super easy to prepare.
  • Everything can be frozen for longevity.


  • Of the meal prep services I tried, this one was a bit more pricey.
  • The meals all felt more like dinner to me rather than lunches, but that could have just been my preference.

Green Bunny

510 E 15th St

Ashleigh Easterling, Green Bunny’s chef and owner, has been doing meal prep at her NoDa location for a year and a half now. She cooks everything day of, and either sells meals on demand at the pick-up window, or prepares meals for the week for clients on request. To request meals, either for the week or for a few days, reach out to her through her website. She’s incredibly responsive and will answer any and all questions you may have.

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Green bunny
Shrimp and zoodles

Pricing: Check their menu here – all prices are listed. It’s a pay as you go system. Ashleigh will offer discounts for bulk orders, as well on an individual basis. $7 – $12 range.

Duration: Three days – breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

Food consumed: French toast, breakfast burrito, zoodles with pesto shrimp and shrimp fajitas, to name a few.


  • She can tailor your meal plan to your specific nutrition plan.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner options.


  • No delivery, pick-up only and limited hours (Monday, Wednesdays and Friday 5-7 p.m. and Saturday 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
  • The menu stays stagnant, doesn’t change every week.

Did I leave any out that you absolutely love? Let us know what your favorites are in Charlotte! And if you haven’t yet – give a few of these a try.

Photos: Nourish, Angela Weir, Project Lean Nation