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Burger Quest: Brooks Sandwich House

OK, good-looking and smart Charlotte people. Who’s got the best burger in Charlotte? Brooks Sandwich House is a perennial favorite. And the best deal in town. A burger all the way is $3.50. Go ahead and splurge on a drink and some crispy made-to-perfection fries.

The burgers are made in-house and are similar to a pan-fried burger you’d make at home. 5 things to know about Brooks:

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(1) Location. You can’t find this place by accident. You’ve got to want to go to 2710 N Brevard St., Charlotte, NC 28205. It’s a small brick building in NoDa at North Brevard Street near Davidson across from the Johnston Y. Open 7 a.m.-3 p.m. weekdays (704-375-7808).

(2) All the way. Make your life simple and just order a burger (or cheeseburger) all the way. That’s with chili, mustard and onions. The menu says they have lettuce, tomato and bacon, but we’ve never seen the need. The menu also says they have barbecue, chicken and ham sandwiches. But we’ve never seen the need.


(3) Secret ingredient. One of the notable attributes of a Brooks burger is the peppery seasoning, a delicious move that sets it apart from the pack. For the curious/adventurous, they sell a version of the mix for $5. Call ahead if you’re hot to try it. We’ve found them to be out of stock on some visits.


(4) Seating. There isn’t any. You can eat standing up at the cramped counter or take it outside on a nice day and eat standing up at the wooden tables under the overhangs. Or if it’s raining, drive a couple blocks to the atrium behind Amelie’s and eat inside. We prefer our burgers al fresco.

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(5) Staff. You’ll find twin brothers David and Scott Brooks cooking, a young lady taking your order and a sassy young lady taking your money. If you sass, you’ll get sassed back.

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