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6 Reasons Why Alive After Five Is Worth Your Time

Alive After Five makes its triumphant return tonight, which signals the start of warm weather, Knights games, grilling, pool time and other highly desirable things.

//><!--If you’re unaware, Alive After Five is a huge, free happy hour party that takes place at the EpiEentre, primarily on the top level at Rooftop 210. We’re talking live music, drinks and friendly people. It’s basically the perfect cure when your brain feels like scrambled eggs after working all day.//--><!

If you’re still not convinced, here are 6 reasons why Alive After Five is absolutely worth your time:

(1) You know how much you love patio drinking? Rooftop drinking is like patio drinking on steroids. But in a fun way, not in an Alex Rodriguez way.

(2) It’s way better than going to the gym after work. Let’s be serious, you were probably going to skip it anyway.

(3) You can win stuff! Like a trip to Myrtle Beach or a pair of Carolina Country Music Festival tickets.


(4) There’s a Beer and Wine Garden. Sample some of your favorites or find a new one, then order it all weekend.

(5) Your Alive After Five wristband gets you into a bunch of the EpiCentre bars free

(6) If you work uptown, it couldn’t be more convenient. If you don’t work uptown, escape your boring office park and come socialize.

Alive After Five is also great because you’re guaranteed to run into at least four people you’ve been meaning to catch up with. And if you see someone you’ve been trying to avoid, just blend in with the crowd. Or slip away with: “Heyyyy! I’m just going to grab another drink, be right back!”

Details: Alive After Five starts at 5 p.m. every Thursday through August. It’s free to get in; you pay for beer. Upcoming bands:

Rooftop Stage

04/02/2015 – Sol Fusion

04/09/2015 – The Breakfast Club

04/16/2015 – Haywire

04/23/2015 – Groovetown

04/30/2015 – Mo Money

05/07/2015 – Early Ray

05/14/2015 – Rubberband

05/21/2015 – Blue Monday

05/28/2015 – Slippery When Wet

06/04/2015 – We Got the Beat / Girls Girls Girls

06/11/2015 – The Dickens

06/18/2015 – 20 Ride

06/25/2015 – 919

07/02/2015 – Hot Sauce

07/09/2015 – The Breakfast Club

07/16/2015 – Mr. Potato Head

07/23/2015 – Groove Nation / Natural Wonder

07/30/2015 – TBA

08/06/2015 – Departure

08/13/2015 – TBA

08/20/2015 – Simplified

08/27/2015 – Early Ray

Plaza Stage

04/02/2015 – Heroes at Last

04/09/2015 – 5 on Sundays

04/16/2015 – Radiojacks

04/23/2015 – Who Rescued Who

04/30/2015 – The Backbeat

05/07/2015 – 5 on Sundays

05/14/2015 – Heroes at Last

05/21/2015 – Who Rescued Who

05/28/2015 – Radiojacks

06/04/2015 – Royal Suits

06/11/2015 – 5 on Sundays

06/18/2015 – Heroes at Last

06/25/2015 – Who Rescued Who

Photos: Alive After Five Facebook page; Charlotte Observer files