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Charlotte’s Will Fisher makes a pant that will knock your pants off

9 days ago, I wrote about my pant shopping anxiety in the CharlotteFive newsletter. I hate shopping for pants. I got a response from a local dude named Will Fisher.

Will emailed me and said, “I make pants. Let’s circle up this weekend and get you in some Bulletprufes.”

What? Who makes pants? That’s kind of cool, right? What’s a Bulletprufe? I was still anxious. I asked my wife, “should I meetup with this pants guy?” She responded, “you look dumb, you have to do something.” Gulp.

Will and I scheduled a pant meetup at Pizza Peel in Cotswold at 3pm on Sunday. I showed up in my dad jeans. Will looked like a cool mountainy type dude.

will fisher bulletprufe charlotte

We order beers in a booth. Will ordered a NoDa Hop Drop ‘n Roll and I ordered a NoDa Hot Cakes. Made small talk for 7 minutes and then he brought out the pant bag. It looked kind of gangster and I liked it (felt like an illegal arms or drug deal).

bulletprufe pants bag charlotte

Will seems like a nice, normal human being, but I could see that on the inside, he is a pant psycho. I love psychos. My favorite people.

Normal people don’t say, “It actually took a ton of time, effort and money to get these jeans right. We tested them a hundred different ways and absolutely put them through hell. Probably took two good years before we had them nailed down. Our raison d’etre or arete is to be the world’s most durable denim. Form must follow function. So that’s always foremost in my mind. Performance wear/tech pants disguised as jeans. Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to make sure you knew the whole reason behind Bulletprufe, why we exist. Jeans are supposed to be tough and durable and they’re not. So we made some that are. And if you can wear them out, send them back.”

I don’t even know exactly what the heck he’s talking about, but I freaking loved the passion. I knew I needed his pants.

Will’s not normal and neither are his pants – Bulletprufe. Unbelievable fit. Rocked my world. Seriously.

Before I go any further, if you don’t believe me, order a pair with this 20% off discount code he created for CharlotteFive readers – Code: (CLT5) Site: (

bulletprufe pant-label charlotte nc

Here’s where I was – dad jeans and MC Hammer Brooks Brothers slacks.


Then, I put on some Bulletprufes – chinos, camo (way too cool for me), green denim and grey denim. LOVED the way they fit.





Okay, so who is Will and why does he make pants? 4 facts.

(1) Will graduated from Davidson and works in commercial real estate, but his passion is Bulletprufe (growing like crazy by the way) and his family (3 kiddos).

pants-climbing magazine bulletprufe

(2) Will is a skater and started the company because he couldn’t find pants that didn’t fall apart. He used to duck tape pants as a kid.

Ever wonder why we started Bulletprufe? Because we’ve been looking for a solution to destroyed jeans for 20 years now. Here’s a pair of my duct taped urban camo pants from 1995. Must say we’ve come a long way

A photo posted by Bulletprufe Denim (@bulletprufe) on Sep 3, 2014 at 10:48am PDT

(3) Will started by purchasing a bunch of fabrics online and paying a Korean lady who does wedding dresses on Providence Road to create pants for him (can’t make that up).

(4) Will is laser focused on creating the world’s most durable pant. His advice “do one thing and stay focused.”

At first, the fact that Bulletprufe was designed for extreme sports kind of scared me. Until, I tried them on. Then I realized that if they’re flexible and cool enough for some skateboarder doing a 1080-Ollie, they’re probably good enough for a guy that bends over to put wood in the fire pit and goes on neighborhood walks.

pant-skateboard charlotte bulletprufe will fisher


I bought a pair of chinos, green denim and grey denim pants. I’m looking cool and stylish. Hide your women. Will, thank you for the random email. And for others that want to buy remarkable Charlotte pants, go forth ( and get 20% off (code: CLT5).