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Meet N.C.’s most powerful legislator

Tim Moore is a Republican from King’s Mountain in line to succeed Thom Tillis (our newest U.S. senator) as the next speaker of the N.C. House this week. It is arguably the most powerful political position in the state, especially with a Republican-majority legislature.

Here’s what you need to know about Moore, a lifelong North Carolinian and attorney:

(1) As a kid, Moore worked at his father’s store, Rick’s Ole Country Store, sweeping floors, working the register and cutting “the county’s thickest fatback.” He also liked to listen and join in the political debates that popped up among the regulars. At age 10, he put up signs for Ronald Reagan. (This is fried fatback, btw:)

fat back tim moore

(3) Voted “most ambitious” by classmates at Kings Mountain High.  

(4) Attended Campbell University and then transferred after two years to UNC Chapel Hill. Immediately got elected to student congress at Carolina and quickly rose to become speaker. One piece of legislation he introduced: a bill to stop the gay and lesbian association from getting its $2,000 appropriation.

//><!--(5) Moore has earned the designation “the youngest” in several capacities: Youngest member of the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors. One of the youngest elected to the state House at 32. Now, at age 44, he’s the youngest speaker of the N.C. House in the last 25 years.//--><!

(6) He is unabashedly conservative. He opposes expanding Medicaid to the uninsured, he opposes gay marriage and he believes Charlotte-Douglas airport should be taken from the city’s control. Quote: “I believe what folks do in their own lives is their business, and I don’t try to impose on that,” Moore says. “But I do think … marriage ought to be what it’s always been, between one man and one woman.”

 (7) He’s a really nice guy, personally. Hard not to like him when you meet him. Has quite the Southern touch. Works very effectively in behind-the-scene small groups.

(8) He’s got a sense of adventure: He’s bought a Jaguar and two Porsches and loves to travel the world. (We have no idea what Porches he bought, but we like this one:)

Photos: Kathleen Purvis & John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer