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The best sandwich in Charlotte is found in an unlikely place

If you’ve ever driven down N. Tryon past Sugar Creek Rd. (and Sugaw Creek Presbyterian), you may have noticed the massive parking lot by what appears to be an old, abandoned mall, which sort of seems abandoned when you get inside.

What you likely didn’t know is that tucked away inside this mall is Charlotte’s best-kept secret. Once you get past the sketchiest parking lot known to mankind (drive in a straight line and your car will fall into a pothole) and into the Asian Corner Mall, you’ll find Le’s Sandwiches and Café.




6 things you need to know about Le’s:

(1) They specialize in banh mi sandwiches, which, simply, consist of meat on banh mi bread, found in Vietnamese bakeries. It’s like a baguette that God handpicked and delivered to sandwich-makers. These sandwiches typically come topped with cilantro, pickled carrots, cucumber and daikon, which is similar to a radish.


(2) You absolutely must order the #6, a grilled pork sandwich on that bread I just mentioned. It’s fairly spicy, due to the sliced jalapeños. Take a bite and try to count the different flavors. It’s impossible. Find me a better sandwich in Charlotte, or America.


(3) You can eat there if you want, but takeout is the way to go. I prefer driving to an old railroad track in NoDa or sitting on stairs when I eat a sandwich from here. I’m pretty hip (and sketchy).


(4) The prices are unreal. Every sandwich is under $4.25, and they’re filling.


(5) It’s closed on Wednesday’s, but open every other day of the week and weekend from 9am-6pm. If you want to get in and get out, you can call ahead and order. This should never be a problem, as the service is lightning quick.


(6) Le’s is cash only. I went to a pharmacy in Plaza Midwood to pick up a pack of gum and got cash there. Seriously, don’t forget cash.

Been to Le’s? Let us know your thoughts. Haven’t been? What are you waiting for?