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CharlotteFive: Counting down our greatest hits of 2015

The last day of 2015 is upon us. Let’s start this new year right by celebrating our year’s greatest hits. Ready, set, go.

The 5 most-read stories of 2015

Note: We didn’t include events listings, though this one for September and our day-by-day holiday events guide were the two most-read stories of the year. 

(1) The best sandwich in Charlotte is found in an unlikely place. (Jan. 13)

(2) Tracking Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly’s tackles this season. (Oct. 22)

The one that made the list is from LUUUUKE’s first game back from concussion, but the stories in this series were always among of the most-read each week.

(3) The U.S. National Whitewater Center is getting even more awesome. 4 things coming in 2016. (Nov. 17)

(4) Why is downtown Charlotte called “uptown”? (June 11)

(5) How 600 Carolina Panthers fans filled the pools at the Jaguars’ stadium. (Sept. 17)

Corey’s 5 favorite stories of 2015

This really isn’t in any order, and there are so many stories from all of our great writers that could be on this list. But if I have to pick just five …

(1) Katie vs. Charlotte’s new streetcar: Which is faster? (July 15)

Whenever someone asks me for an example of the quintessential C5 story (this happens more than you’d expect) I always answer with this one. We took a news story — the streetcar opening and how much it cost — and put our own spin on it. Plus, the video was so much fun to make with Katie and Intern Madysan.

(2) Making the case for 3 awesome spots at Sardis Road N and Monroe Road (July 22)

I don’t live in a “cool” part of town, so I wasn’t sure what response I would get for writing about my slice of the city. But I got a ton of positive responses from people who also live out there and it made me realize how much people care about their part of Charlotte, even if it’s not “cool.”

(3) Stop mangling UNC Charlotte’s name. (Sept. 4)

This was a talker. I’ve always been fascinated by the UNC Charlotte/UNCC/Charlotte/UNC-C controversy, and Russell did a great job of writing about it from an insider’s perspective.

(4) What South End would lose by losing The Common Market. (Aug. 25)

Development — and how it changes neighborhoods — is and will continue to be a big story in Charlotte. Before the new South End development was officially announced, Katie wrote out her feelings on this little corner of her neighborhood.

(5) Edwin Peacock teaches me how to skateboard (and talks about more serious issues). (Nov. 2)

Like with the streetcar story, this is a case where we took a news story — the mayoral election — and put a spin on it. Joanne — with the help of Video Intern Kennan — showed us a side of Edwin Peacock that I had not seen before. And he was such a great sport through the whole process.

Katie’s 5 favorite stories of 2015

In no real order. Because I really just like reading all C5 articles. Even the Kuechly Tackles series by Clayton, despite my apathy toward football.

(1) Dear guys, stop making these 7 stupid mistakes on first dates. (July 15).

Dating is frustrating. And funny. And full of mistakes. Sometimes I’d rather blame the person across the table, like I did in this piece.

(2) Is it worth it to drive to South Carolina for cheaper liquor? (Aug. 15).

I don’t even drink liquor but I loved how Corey wasted — sorry, spent — an afternoon calculating the cost savings by shopping at Frugal MacDoogal’s vs. a Mecklenburg ABC store and then factoring in the cost of gas mileage. This is the kind of deep investigating we do for you, C5ers.

(3) 8 fall drinks to sip on in lieu of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Sept. 28)

Coffee is a really really big deal in my book. Especially the business of local craft coffee. This piece is a magical blend of scrumptious photos and phrases like “sweetened with pomegranate and cascara molasses.” Om nom.

(4) And here is where you find the Wine Station Self-Serve Tasting Machine. (Oct. 15)

Because wine is important, too. This is a perfect example of how much opportunity C5 has to get experiential background on local businesses that matter to our readers — and me. I loved exploring The Wine Shop in Dilworth and getting to share that.

(5) Serenity now: A time lapse of Charlotte from sunrise to sunset. (Dec. 14)

Video Intern Kennan, who filmed these changes in the sky, was so right when he wrote: “What a beautiful world we live in.”

Photo: Danny Gassaway