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UNC says sorry for spray painting Duke locker room

The Story:

Following their victory, UNC football players got too excited and lost control of their spray painting. This caused damage to Duke’s locker room and makes UNC look silly. UNC said sorry and is going to pick up the cleaning bill.

The Facts:

– Winner of the UNC v Duke football game receives the Victory Bell as a trophy.

– As per tradition, UNC players spray painted the bell carolina blue, but they got carried away.

– Spray paint damaged locker room walls and carpet.

– The Herald Sun reports that damages will likely exceed $25,000.


– “We would like to apologize to the Duke Football program and Duke University for some inappropriate actions after last Thursday night’s game in Durham,” the statement read. “Our team took the celebration too far when they were painting the bell, resulting in damage to some of the facilities at Duke. We take full responsibility for our actions and will be paying for all costs associated with the cleanup. We view this as a rivalry built on mutual respect and we expect our players to behave better in a way that is more befitting of the rivalry.” – Statement from UNC AD Cunningham & UNC Coach Fedora.

– “UNC football players vandalize Duke’s locker room with spray paint, receive three art credits for their actions” @DennyChesney via twitter.

– “Duke should be pleased that rivalry appears to now matter to UNC.” @RealJimYoung via twitter.

C5’s Take:

Spray painting people’s property is not a good idea, especially when UNC’s athletic system is under pressure.

Photo: Robert Willett / NewsObserver