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What happens when you click ‘I’m not 21’ on a brewery’s website?

Have you ever clicked “no” when asked if you’re 21 on a brewery’s website?

I went to Free Range Brewing’s website yesterday and this prompt popped up: “LET YOUR TASTEBUDS ROAM ONLY IF YOU’RE 21. PLEASE ENTER YOUR BIRTH DATE.”

In a supreme act of wild spontaneity, I clicked: “I’M NOT 21.”

And I was really glad I did.

That button kicked me off the homepage and rerouted me to the Wikipedia page titled: Too Young (Sidney Lippman and Sylvia Dee song). This music doesn’t have quite the beat I normally look for, but I did enjoy the photo montage.

I’m hoping this age-verification humor catches fire in Charlotte as the brewery scene continues to boom.

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Local watering holes should be sources of lightheartedness. Like Upland Brewing in Carmel, Ind., which sends you to Justin Bieber’s website.

For now, only a handful of Charlotte breweries have taken the leap.

On Sycamore Brewing‘s website, clicking on “NO” when asked, “ARE YOU AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD?” reroutes you to the homepage of The Daily Puppy.

I recommend you read about Gryffindor the Schnauzer Mix while you’re there.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.50.19 AM

And I’m not certain this is meant to be funny, but Birdsong Brewing Co. reroutes you to the Google search page for “responsible drinking.” I like the first non-promotional link: “Hints for safe, sensible and responsible drinking. Responsible drinking means that you never have to feel sorry for what has happened while you were drinking. Basically, this means not becoming drunk.”


My favorite link comes courtesy of Triple C Brewing Co. Clicking “NO” sends you straight to a YouTube gem titled: Goats Yelling Like Humans – The Super Cut Compilation.

Not all breweries in the Charlotte area have age verification prompts on their sites — and they don’t have to. According to Agnes Stevens, public affairs director of the ABC Commission of NC, there is not a state law that requires breweries or distilleries to have age verification prompts.

Triple C owner Chris Harker said he included the verification on his site to err on the side of caution, knowing that minors could land on the website. “You have to be 21 to enjoy our products so we keep our website limited to folks of age,” he said.

He gives the Triple C sales-team member/web designer Justin Engel full credit for the shrieking goats.

“We thought it would be funny to take (visitors) somewhere unique if they say ‘no,'” Harker said.

All I can say is: Thank you.

Photo: Katie Toussaint