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Charlotte’s top 10 vegan-friendly restaurants

Eating out with a group of people for business or pleasure can be a difficult process—Joe doesn’t eat fish, Barbara is gluten-free and Alex is vegan. It might seem impossible to accommodate people’s individual needs, but with a little planning, it’s easy to find something for everybody.

This list of Charlotte’s most vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants* can relieve the pressure of trying to find the perfect spot.

Note: We left vegan-only restaurants off of this list. We wanted to compile a list of places that offer something for everybody, not just vegans and not just meat eaters. 

(10) Pint Central

If you’re meeting friends for the game or extending the workday over a few beers, Pint Central is a great option. Vegan and vegetarian options are clearly marked for a painless ordering process.

Try: Cauliflower Bites

(9) Krazy Fish

Expect vegan options that include appetizers, sides and mains. Their blueberry tamarind chutney is out of this world!

Try: Lemongrass Tofu Tacos

(8) Fud at Salud

A great spot for a quick lunch, snack or grub to go along with your craft beer. Having vegan head chef Jeff McElwee, their plant-based options are supremely delicious.

Try: Michelle O’Banh-Mi

(7) Futo Buta

They offer vegan ramen, bun and appetizers, which means great food for omnivores and herbivores alike!

Try: Fried Brussels Sprouts (without Bonito)

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(6) Akahana

Asian food is always a great bet for plant-based finds, and this place adds local flare. Be sure to tell your server that you’re vegan, as some dishes contain fish sauce.

Try: Sweet Garden Roll

Bonus: ask to add tempura sweet potato. Yum!

(5) Phat Burrito

Not only do they serve marinated tofu, but they also have vegan breakfast options with spicy meatless sausage.

Try: Tofu and veggie burrito with black and refried beans, spinach and guacamole.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 2.21.47 PM

(4) Pinky’s Westside Grill

They have an entire vegan menu and some of the city’s best falafel. Just ask your server for the vegan menu and order away!

Try: Tahini Salad, hold the feta cheese.

(3) Lang Van

Lang Van offers a myriad of plant-based options. They also offer specialty coffees and drinks.

Try: House Special Hot Pot (vegetarian)

(2) Common Market

Both locations are Charlotte favorites for breakfast and lunch. They offer vegan specials regularly. Both locations offer both tofu and Asheville-based No Evil Foods (NEF) plant meats on breakfast sandwiches and in daily specials. Their chicken-less salad is amazing and can be used to create your own “scoop salad.”

Try: Breakfast Sandwich: Order a Vegan Dawn at the Commonwealth location or a Tofu Scrambler at the South End location.

(1) Sir Edmond Halley’s

About half of all menu items are vegan or can be made vegan. They serve items like ostrich meatloaf and traditional English meals like bangers and mash right alongside curry tofu and roasted vegetable nachos.

Try: Wild Mushroom Ragu

Looking for a sit-down dinner or something more upscale? I’ve never come across a restaurant with a trained chef that wasn’t happy to offer a vegan meal for me to enjoy. Most chefs see it as a fun challenge they’re excited to take on, so never be afraid to ask. A call into the manager or chef 24 hours in advance is all it takes.

Happy eating!

*Rankings are based on number of vegan options, creativity of plant-based dishes, food flavor, and staff education on special dietary needs.

Photos: @taylorslaughter