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Charlotte native wins Presidential Medal of Freedom for breaking golf barriers

The Story

As the first African American to earn a PGA tour card, Charles Sifford was recognized Monday by President Obama.

The Facts

– Sifford won six National Negro Opens in the 1950s

– Still, he was banned from many golf country clubs. Sometimes hostile pros kicked his ball into the rough.

– Sifford was among 18 to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom; others included Stevie Wonder and Meryl Streep.


– Sifford is one of the country’s “trailblazers who bent the arc of our nation toward justice.” — President Obama

C5’s Take

Hard not to swell with pride with this story. On a lighter note, you should checkout Dr. Charles Sifford Golf Course at Revolution Park. It’s 9 holes, close to the city. Not a bad track for the money – it’s about $15 to walk. The facility also has a great golf range (all grass). First Tee Charlotte at this facility as well.

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / AP