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Dogwood: Southern dining, urban setting

It was girls’ night out, and we decided to check out Dogwood Southern Table & Bar in SouthPark, behind the Whole Foods. The restaurant prides itself on locally sourced food and drinks. It’s from the same folks who run Dressler’s in the Metropolitan.

The Outside Vibe: Just walking up to Dogwood is a treat. It’s in the heart of the new Solis Sharon Square development, a mix of terraced “apartment homes” and high-end retail. Strings of lights and an outdoor chandelier hang over a series of fountains. What a fun mood setter.


The Inside Vibe: It was the middle of the week and this place was hopping. Everybody seemed wealthy and beautiful (oh, how aspirational!). The decor is modern and warm, big bar. We scored a table beside the gas fireplace. So cozy we stayed for 3 hours!


The Cocktails: The drink menu is on an iPad, which I assume is done to keep it fluid. The beer list featured several local breweries, including OMB and NoDa. We shared a bottle of Rickshaw, a pinot noir from Sonoma, basically because it sounded cool and was on the lower end of the price spectrum.

The Food: I generally have a hard time deciding what to order when I eat out because everything usually sounds so wonderful. When you go to a restaurant that offers so many original dishes like Dogwood, it’s painful. In the end, we ordered a trio of apps:

Carolina dumplings: ricotta cheese, country ham, granny smith apple and blue cheese fondue. Mercy these were rich! One friend declared she would bathe in the sauce. We chose, instead, to clean it all up with the country bread.


Roasted mussels in a tomato broth: If mussels are ever on a menu, I get them. These from Dogwood were so tender and lovely. We even used our spoons to scoop up the last bit of broth after the country bread ran out.


Yukon Gold fries: What rube orders fries at a fine-dining establishment? You should if you go here. These suckers were thick but perfectly cooked. Comes with ketchup and aioli, a fancy mayo. I loved that these are popular here. Adds another dose of fun.


The Bill: With tip, I spent about $45. We didn’t order any entrees, so that total may not reflect what most folks spend there (most entrees were $15-$35ish). The apps were a great way to sample without overeating or overspending.

Future visit? Definitely! I love it when I can find an urban, modern restaurant that doesn’t take itself too seriously but delivers seriously good food. In essence: This is what the New South should be.

Photo: Google Maps via Chase Vision