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One guess who’s Charlotte’s most complained-about business

The Story

According to the Better Business Bureau’s year-end report, Time Warner Cable racked up more complaints than any other Charlotte business last year, with 187.

 The Reviews

Raise your hand if you’ve complained about the cable company. Okay, everybody, put your hands down. Here’s what your fellow complainers have said:

– If you have options other than time warner use them as they are a horrible, horrible, horrible, detestable company that has no regard for customers at all and has some of the worst service on the planet. – Review on the BBB’s website

 There is no way Time Warner Cable could have such a dismal rating such as this. Most of us have given up even complaining anymore and others have just moved on to those dish things. – commenter

C5’s Take

Google Fiber and U-verse, so close but still so far. Sigh.

Photos: Mark Hames / Charlotte Observer