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Meet the hardest working animals in Charlotte

Some of the best-known employees at local businesses aren’t humans at all. They’re dogs and cats loved by staff and customers alike –and some have enviable followings on social media. Say hello to….

Patsy, Paper Skyscraper

6-year-old Labradoodle

patsy at paper skyscraper with scarf

Likes: Greeting customers at Paper Skyscraper, taking naps at work, beach vacations

Dislikes: None. Has never complained.

Patsy is on Facebook and Twitter;  330 East Boulevard

Peppi, Bird House on the Greenway

14-year-old poodle or poodle mix

peppi at bird house jody mace

Likes: Treats, kayaking, riding in the car with his head out the window, sleeping.

Dislikes: Delivery guys (see video below),  other dogs; 6416 Rea Road, #B-9

Bowie, School of Rock

One-year-old Boston Terrier

bowie at school of rock

Likes: hanging out with the kids at School of Rock, hunting for scraps at Mac’s BBQ, Starbucks, chilling backstage at local music venues and visiting his Grandma in the Smoky Mountains.

Dislikes: Being alone.

Bowie is on Instagram; 1105 Greenwood Cliff

Tangerine, South Point Pet Hospital, Belmont

12-year-old short-haired calico

IMG_0621 (1)

Likes: Ignoring Sweetie, the day-dog, sleeping on the front desk so everyone has to reach over her, climbing in purses that have been set on the counter, sitting in the front window so everyone can admire her gorgeous green eyes.

Dislikes: When the staff blocks her access to the waiting room at night to prevent her from ripping open bags of dog food.

Yola, Park Road Books

7-year-old Corgi/Carolina Dog mix

yola park road books reading book

Likes: Kissing people who are having bad days, ripping up cardboard, hiding dog biscuits around the store.

Dislikes: Lettuce, large dogs, tasseled ponchos.

4139 Park Road.

Page, Book Buyers

Tuxedo cat

page book buyers

page at book buyers sign jody mace

Likes: Reading mysteries, attacking pencils, sitting in the sun, sitting on and in bags and boxes (especially bags that are in boxes), eating delicious snacks.

Dislikes: Skateboards rolling down the sidewalk, being on a diet, vacuum cleaners and small children.

Page is on Facebook. She’s also world famous.; 1306 The Plaza.

Photos: School of Rock, Paper Skyscraper, Park Road Books, Jody Mace, Roland Wilkerson, Book Buyers