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Charlotte woman will sit with Michelle during Obama’s State of Union Address

The Story

Astrid Muhammad wrote to Obama to thank him for saving her life via the Affordable Care Act. The White House appreciated her story and invited her to attend tonight’s State of the Union address, according to Elisabeth Arriero from the Charlotte Observer.

The Facts

– Astrid was a self-employed admin assistant and cardio dance instructor. She and her husband were uninsured in 2012 when she started to have ringing in her ear and balance issues. MRI showed that she had a tumor in her brain. She didn’t know how she was going to pay for the tumor removal.

– When the 2014 insurance marketplace opened she purchased a policy from Blue Cross and Blue Shield. She had the tumor removed Aug. 24.

– Astrid emailed Obama to thank him in late October, and the White House featured her story on its Faces of Healthcare – White House blog series. Last week, she got the invite to DC.

faces of healthcare blog charlotte

– Astrid lives in the University City area and is the mother of two children. She and her husband, Abdul, are heading to DC for the speech. She has not selected an outfit yet.

– You can read the background on the other 23 people that Michelle has invited to the First Lady’s Box.

– A spokesperson for the White House did not know whether or not Astrid would get a shout out from the Prez in his speech.


“I’m still in shock. It’s such an honor. I did say (in the letter) that I would love to meet him and shake his hand. I put it out in the universe hoping that it would happen, but I wasn’t sure that it would.” – Astrid told the Charlotte Observer.

“I hope they also invited someone whose insurance cost tripled because of this garbage.” – Angry commenter.

C5’s Take

Love the story and what an incredible experience. We wish Astrid and her family the best.

Photo: David T. Foster III / Charlotte Observer and White House blog.