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8 Charlotte businesses that clearly used to be Pizza Huts

You know the signs: Rectangular building, square (or trapezoidal) windows, a bright red roof hanging out over the edges, then sloping up into a peak that runs the length, like a little red hat. (Or, as someone else put it, the “camel hump.”)

Pizza Huts look different (read: boring) now, but ones built in a certain era have a distinctive, dare I say iconic, look (see above).

And many of them are now inhabited by different businesses, from restaurants to used car dealers to cell phone stores. There’s a whole blog devoted to this phenomenon.

We tracked down eight businesses in Charlotte that inhabit old Pizza Hut businesses and a couple of them may surprise you. (Hint: One’s on Montford and the other is on Central.)

(Huge thanks to Steve Harrison for tracking many of these down and taking photos.)

(1) Hibachi Grill, Independence Boulevard


(2) The Auto Team, Wilkinson Boulevard


(3) Moosehead Grill, Montford Drive

(This one that might surprise you. Surprised the heck out of me.)



(4) Metro PCS, Freedom Drive


(5) Wing Heaven, South Boulevard


(6) Krazy Fish, Central Avenue

(This one also surprised me. Creative use of space.)


(7) Carolina Auto Imports, North Tryon Street


(8) Koishi Sushi, Sharon Amity Road


Find them for yourself:

Did we miss any? Shoot us an email if you know of others.

Photos: Charlotte Observer file; Steve Harrison; Corey Inscoe