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Ritz opening Punch Room on Valentine’s Day. 8 Bob facts (their mixologist).

The Story

The Punch Room is taking the place of Urban Sip on the 15th floor of the Ritz-Carlton. David Rothwell, the GM of Charlotte’s Ritz-Carlton, just named Bob Peters as the Lead Mixologist. Grand opening is February 14th (Valentine’s Day). Fancy liquor drink made by the top Charlotte mixologist with your lover? I’m down.

Punch Room Hours:

– Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m.

– Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

*No reservations, but you can put in name on a list starting at 5:30pm on Fri/Sat nights in the Ritz Lobby.

8 Bob Peters Facts


(1) Bob is leaving Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge for the position. Previously, Bob worked as the bartender at Plaza Midwood hot spot, Soul Gastrolounge.

(2) Bob will be hiring a Punchologist. The Punchologist will report to him and execute on his secret recipes. Wow. Are they posting this position on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder? Need to polish my resume. I once made a punch with frozen Limeades and handles of cheap vodka in a trash can in college.

(3) Bob has a personal website and he’s retro-cool enough to actually pull off a “.net” site. Check it out:

(4) Bob is a legit local celebrity in the bar scene. He’s from Charlotte and he’s won a bunch of awards.

(5) Bob has a youtube channel (129 subs),  a real deal twitter presence (903 followers), and huge following on Instagram (12,500 followers). @bobthebartender is a solid handle.

(6) Bob talks and I get thirsty: “From enjoying expanded access to fruits, herbs and vegetables for craft beverages, to designing complex yet seamless cocktails that innovate and inspire, I foresee an exciting journey at The Punch Room.” Sign me up for the journey.

(7) Bob shares his skills at Earl Grocery’s Mixologist Lab.

(8) Bob takes tours of distilleries and enjoys heavy samplings. That is cool. I took a tour of a newspaper printing facility. That was cool too, but no sampling.


“With an inspired mixologist like Bob Peters leading the charge, The Punch Room team looks forward to redefining Charlotte’s beverage experience. Bob’s expertise and stature on the cocktail scene will bring a savvy and sophisticated audience to The Punch Room, and his engaging personality has already attracted an exceptional following throughout the Carolinas.” – Ritz GM David Rothwell.

C5’s Take

Secret punch recipes. Ritz Carlton fanciness. On-site cocktail carbonator. Bob working the drinks. We’re in.