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Spending Friday night at a high school basketball game is retro cool (sorta)

The Story

I went to the Providence at South Meck high school game Friday night. No, I don’t have a nephew on the team. In fact, I didn’t know anybody on any of the teams. I just wanted to go with my kids. Yes, I have no life.

What I learned: Old is never old

I’ll just say it’s been a few years since I’ve graduated from high school. Truly, nothing has changed. Here are five things that felt eerily familiar:

(1) The smell of high school gyms is still a mix mustiness and popcorn.

(2) Cheerleaders and athletes still preen. Some have good reason to, others don’t.


everyone come out to south meck tonight to see your very own lady panthers game starts at 6!

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//><!--(3) One section was all students, yelling obnoxiously. Some of the boys had dressed up country, I guess making a statement of sorts. All of that was cool.//--><!

south meck basketball game charlotte

(4) People got into the girls varsity game. That was cool, too.

(5) After the game, I was told, Cookout was the place to go hang. I wasn’t invited. I was okay with that.

C5’s Take

Glad I’m not in high school anymore. But also glad I can go back and relive it – from afar.