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CMS: A culture of fear

The Story

For an institution whose primary mission is to educate children, the phrase “culture of fear” has cropped up a frightening lot lately in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

The Facts

Superintendent Heath Morrison abruptly resigns last month after allegations arise that he bullies his staff and misled the school board on some financials.

– In an investigative report, Deputy Supt. Ann Clark emerges as one of the main “culture of fear” accusers.

– But in an interview on WFAE Monday, Clark said this “culture of fear” has actually existed for years in CMS, with multiple superintendents. Her comments in the report weren’t about Morrison in particular, see. Actually, the duo were a “very complementary team.”

– In response, the CMS attorney who compiled the report on Morrison calls all that backtracking BS.


“I did not embellish, I did not fabricate, I did not add. Neither did the other attorneys working with me on this matter. … Any assertion to the contrary is a lie.” — CMS Attorney George Battle.

C5’s Take

Rest assured, taxpayers, that CMS is on the upswing: It has just launched a “culture of care” campaign. That should fix things.

Photo: Todd Sumlin / Charlotte Observer