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Top 10 N.C. campaign donors in 2014

The Charlotte Observer and The Center for Responsive Politics just released the top N.C. campaign donors. This list only includes contributions that report to the Federal Election Committee.

– Total money given by N.C. residents in 2014 include $33.1 million. $1.98 million was given by top 10 donors.

– $19 million was given to Republicans, $11.9 million to Democrats and $2.2 million to other.

– Latest Hagan vs Tillis race spend was an estimated $116 million.

(1) Robert Luddy, Raleigh

Total donations:$362,000

(2) John C. Whitaker Jr., Winston-Salem

Total donations:$261,000

(3) John and Virginia Sall, Cary

Total donations:$230,800

(4) David Cohen, Charlotte

Total donations: $215,200

(5) Dave, Katherine Phillips, High Point

Total donations: $205,300

(6) Jim Goodnight, Cary

Total donations: $183,000

(7) Neil and Bridget Bender, Wilmington

Total donations: $165,400

(8) Louis DeJoy, Greensboro

Total donations: $144,800

(9) Bob Page, Greensboro

Total donations: $107,400

(10) Jim and Mary Anne Rogers, Charlotte

Total donations: $105,000

If you’re interested in this type of political stuff, check out Jim Morrill’s story and analysis on the Charlotte Observer. It’s well done.

Photo: John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer