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10 places to get a glass of wine for under $10

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It’s too tragically easy to say “yes” to drinks with a friend and then end up spending over $30. Because you also ended up saying “yes” to two glasses of wine and a couple of small plates.

Looking for moderation this week? Ten places you can say “yes” to a glass of wine (and a great vibe) without blowing your budget:

(1) The Gallery in SouthEnd

Vibe: Elegant but casual.

Wine pick: $9 for the Skyfall Merlot from Washington. The best view here is indoors, where bright paintings adorn every white wall. (Spoiler alert: Most of my wine picks are reds. Heart health first.)

1320 S. Church St.

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(2) Firebirds

Vibe: The StoneCrest location feels like a warm, high-ceilinged mountain lodge.

Wine pick: Red Guitar Tempranillo. $7.

Snack options to split include: Lobster Spinach Queso. $12.25.

7716 Rea Rd.

(3) The Company Store

Vibe: An eclectic country cottage in progress. Catch this place on the right afternoon and you can see Matt Hooker and Matt Moore in action painting a North-Carolina-history-inspired mural on the exterior.

Wine pick: Never mind a glass of wine, you can snag a bottle of the Andean Sky Malbec for $8.99. Plus a clear plastic cup to sip your beverage at a picnic table outside.

3221 Yadkin Ave.

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(4) Customshop

Vibe: Classy, dark and mysterious.

Wine pick: The Zum Martin Sepp Gruner Veltliner from Austria on tap for $7.

Snack options to split include: French fries and fresh herb aioli. $8. (Love that this is included on the list of vegetables.)

1601 Elizabeth Ave.

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(5) Vintner Market

Vibe: Quiet and cheerful.

Wine pick: For those who could fall for a red blend any day, The Original Red Wine Blend by the glass is $8. And some of their bottles are only a few dollars more, plus a $5 corkage fee.

8128 Providence Rd.


(6) Bakersfield

Vibe: Hopping.

Wine pick: Dona Paulo Los Cardos Malbec. $7. (You’re not required to be in the mood for a margarita every time you step into a Mexican restaurant.)

One item to split: Chips and guac, obviously.

1301 East Blvd.

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(7) Napa on Providence

Vibe: Swanky. But don’t worry, you belong here.

Wine pick: The Gotham Project Zinfandel. $9.

One item to split: Marinated artichokes and country olives. $10.

110 Perrin Pl.


(8) Leroy Fox

Vibe: Laid-back and family friendly.

Wine pick: Astica Malbec from Argentina. $9.

Snacks to split include: Zucchini fries. $8.

705 S. Sharon Amity Rd.

(9) Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub

Vibe: Crowded and cozy.

Wine pick: The Septima Cabernet Sauvignon. $8.

Snacks to split include: Blasted Brussels sprouts. $9.

3116 N Davidson St.


(10) Common Market South End

Vibe: Happily hipster.

Wine pick: Anything from the discount bin by the beer cooler. My most recent find was a bottle of Trevini Sangiovese for $9.99. Again — who needs a glass for under $10 when you can get a bottle for under $10?

1515 S. Tryon St.


Don’t forget to ask for an empty glass at the counter. We’re not savages.

Photos: Katie Toussaint