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#WintryMix is all over the Charlotte Twitter

The Story

It’s supposed to get colder today and then rainy and cold on Friday, with possible sleet and snow mixed in. Saturday might see a few flakes, too.

Update: looks like forecasters may have gotten ahead of their skis. Danny Gant, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service says “Temperatures will likely be too warm for a wintry mix to fall in the Charlotte area early Friday.”

How do we know this? It’s all over the Twitter:

Brad Panovich, WCNC

The Charlotte Observer

Former Observer Weather Guy Steve Lyttle

Morgan Fogarty, WCCB

Al Conklin, WBTV


This one has nothing to do with anything, but we discovered it and were creeped out:

C5’s Forecast

Sunny and warm. These guys are never right, right?

Photo: Jeff Siner / Charlotte Observer