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The 6 worst left turns in Charlotte

Nothing makes me feel more trapped in traffic than when I’m sitting in Charlotte with my left-turn signal blinking. I feel like I’m living a scene from “Zoolander.”


My top six least favorite:

(6) The Providence Road/South Sharon Amity Road intersection

Specifically: When you’re turning onto South Sharon Amity Road toward Cotswold Shopping Center.


As you approach the intersection, you can pretty much catch sight of the stale green light that is your left-turn traffic light the second you cross over South Wendover Road. You dread the moment the light turns red because you have to wait for the whole rotation of traffic lights to get back to you.

You can lose a solid three minutes of your life sitting here.

(5) The Tryon Street/Stonewall Street intersection

Specifically: When you’re turning onto West Stonewall Street toward Bank of America Stadium.


It goes like this: You’re just about to gun it when a flock of pedestrians leaps into the street and a CATS bus chugs toward you AND a taxi hurtles to the side of the Duke Energy building where you were trying to turn in the first place.

This is where you take a deep breath.

(4) The South Boulevard/Tremont Avenue intersection

Specifically: When you’re turning onto East Tremont Avenue toward Tyber Creek Pub.

south blvd

I don’t even turn left here anymore. It’s nice that there’s an actual left-hand turn lane (which South Boulevard needs more of, by the way), but there’s no left-turn light and the curve of the road makes you feel like you’re parked in oncoming traffic. Which is too thick for you to turn through anyway.

I like to give up and go straight. Try my luck elsewhere.

(3) The Euclid Avenue/East Boulevard intersection

Specifically: When you’re trying to turn left onto East Boulevard toward Dilworth Commons or South Boulevard.

east blvd

This is where you continually get stuck behind someone trying to turn left when the person coming the opposite way is also trying to turn left. The two drivers end up stalled in the middle of the intersection wildly gesticulating as to who should make the turn first and then you get stuck at the red light because it took so long.

Please figure out the flow here, people.

(2) The I-485 exit 64A onto Pineville-Matthews Road

Specifically: When you’re heading from the Ballantyne area toward CMC Pineville.

This isn’t so much a left turn as it is an assertive ooze into the far left lane so you can turn left again onto Park Road and get to a doctor appointment on time. It requires traversing three lanes of traffic through many angry drivers.


(1) The South Park Drive/Fairview Road intersection

Specifically when: you’re coming from the SouthPark Mall parking lots and trying to turn onto Fairview toward Phillips Place.


I don’t even understand why there is a left-turn option here. People are trying to turn left in front of you from both directions on Fairview anyway (see map) and how are you going to make it through four-plus lanes of traffic?

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