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6 clues that Google Fiber is coming to Charlotte

Charlotte’s known for a while it’s on the shortlist to get the high-speed, high-capacity internet service. Unless it’s seriously toying with us, it looks like a certainty CLT will be the next Google Fiber city:

(1) Google Fiber last week sent out “save the date” invites for a mystery evening event this Wednesday. City officials, a bigwig at Queens and Charlotte Hearts Gigabit got one. CharlotteFive just got invited to a Google press conference today via an extraordinarily boring email (I guess we’re big time now). We hope they give our free mouse pads or pens. No, we didn’t get an invite to Wednesday’s “evening event.” Our email invite:


(2) Law firm Moore & Van Allen has incorporated a N.C. entity for Google Fiber.

(3) Google Fiber has posted employment ads looking for a sales strategy and operations manager in Charlotte.

 (4) On the Google Fiber homepage, there’s a picture of the Queen City skyline.


//><!--(5) Competitors smell trouble: Time Warner Cable and AT&T have announced plans to bring faster Internet to Charlotte.//--><!

//><!--(6) Twitter is abuzz. Enough said.//--><!