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Charlotte, be afraid of your trees

The Story

Charlotte loves its trees (except when they get in the way of an awesome development). But now, the trees are striking back.

The Facts

– All those gorgeous trees lining Charlotte’s old city neighborhoods — Elizabeth, Dilworth, Myers Park — were planted when those neighborhoods sprang to life between 1895 and 1923. Now, they’re getting old and fragile.

A Charlotte Observer analysis shows that of the 35,000 street trees in those neighborhoods, only 40% of the trees are in good health.

– In Chantilly, only 12% are healthy.

The Consequences


This isn’t a matter of a few broken limbs. This problem is deadly serious:

– A 9-month-old baby’s skull was fractured in Myers Park when a 50-pound willow oak limb snapped and fell on her. The baby recovered; the tree is getting cut down.

– A tree fell on East Boulevard and hit a passing car, leaving the driver a quadriplegic. The city will pay $5 million to settle a lawsuit.

– A woman was killed in 2008 when a tree on East Boulevard fell on her car. The city paid $975,000 in that lawsuit.


– Just yesterday, two huge trees fell on a Dilworth property, crushing the house and making it too dangerous to live in.


Our love/hate relationship with our trees

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C5’s Take

The Observer did a cool graphic on the health of trees throughout Charlotte. Check it out to see how your part of town is faring.

Not to sound all responsible and home-ownerish, but it’s important to inspect your big trees: Are mushrooms growing around their base? (sign of decay) Big cracks? Dead limbs? Call an arborist if you’re worried.

 Photos: Davie Hinshaw / Charlotte Observer