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6 chances to spook yourself on Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th. Are you feeling superstitious?

Six activities to amplify today’s spook factor:

(1) Explore a cemetery in search of the mysterious tunnel uptown

Remember when Corey and I set out to do some ghostbusting at First Presbyterian Church last Halloween? We had heard about a ghost, Ambrose, haunting those halls.

Ambrose, an African-American sexton at the church during the Civil War, supposedly died when a tunnel collapsed during the war. Though there have apparently been Ambrose sightings at the church, the tunnel, which supposedly crossed under what is now Fifth Street toward Settlers Cemetery, is nowhere to be seen.

(2) Take a haunted Segway tour

This 90-minute commitment with Charlotte NC Tours involves gliding around Fourth Ward, Settlers Cemetery, The Square and other destinations. Be prepared for ghost stories. Today’s tour is at 7 p.m. But don’t worry, there are others coming up.

You can also opt for a future Haunted Walking Tour — there’s one May 19.

(3) Go out for a horror flick

Both “Green Room” and “The Darkness” are showing at theaters including Regal StonecrestAMC Carolina Pavilion 22 and AMC Concord Mills 24.

(4) Get tickets to “The Addams Family”

Catch performances of this musical comedy from May 13-29 at Theatre Charlotte. The first one is 8 p.m. tonight.

Synopsis: “Princess of darkness” Wednesday Addams is all grown up and in love with a guy from a respectable family. And he’s about to meet the family at dinner.

501 Queens Road

(5) Night of the Thirteens $20 Tattoos

It appears Brut Tattoo has a Friday the 13th tradition of offering $20 tattoos all day beginning at 1 p.m. from selected sheets of flash, or printed tattoo designs. (Isn’t it kind of terrifying to leave the design up to someone else?)

4608 Monroe Road

(6) Do one thing that scares you

For me, that would be strapping myself into a roller coaster at Carowinds or watching “The Exorcist.” (Neither of which I will be doing today, thank you very much.)

For you, that could be going to a bar you’ve never been to, with, gasp!, an unfamiliar crowd (I still have yet to try Abari or Selwyn Pub.) For you, that could be asking someone out who’s on your mind, or signing up for the May 16 Speed Dating 2.0 event with Margarita Confessionals.

David T. Foster, III

But really, today is just another Friday. What do you have to lose?

Photos: Katie Toussaint, David T. Foster, III/Charlotte Observer