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Did you see the pantsless people on the Rail Trail?

If you saw the pantsless people riding bikes along the Charlotte Rail Trail on Saturday, May 21, rest assured, you were not hallucinating. The staff of Unknown Brewing Co. in South End actually organized this event, and an open invitation to the community — and the media — to join. The brewery and its Unknown Bike and Brew team partnered with Good Bottle Co., Queen City Bicycles and 24 Hours of Booty to create Charlotte’s first-annual pantsless bike ride.

The event was intended to promote bicycle safety and awareness, Sustain Charlotte, 24 Hours of Booty and, naturally, a darn good time.

It was advertised as featuring “pantsless musicians and plenty of cold beer” at the finish line. And as becoming “this epic, fearless event that you will remember for a lifetime.”

I won’t remember it because I wasn’t there. I chickened out and I am sorry. I just like pants. Still, I admire the more than 30 people who dropped them to ride along the light rail from Remount Road to the 1300 block of Mint Street.

And I’ll certainly remember their pictures.

David Carey road up to the Good Bottle Company on Remount Road to shouts of "Take off your pants". So he did.

Wearing an orange wig and a pink boa, Ashley Turevon, was a colorful participant in the no-pants bike ride.

Brad Gerling wore a pair of boxer shorts sporting some squirrels and the words "Nice Cheeks" as he took part in the ride.


Dressed for a day at the beach: Darien Price.

Brad Shell, owner and head brewer of The Unknown Brewing Co., crossed the light rail line on Remount Road.


With captions, photos and reporting contributed by John D. Simmons.