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Major concert announcement? Billy who?

The Story

Live Nation and Time Warner Cable Arena made a BIG deal Wednesday about a major concert announcement coming Thursday.

Don’t keep me in suspense – who is it?!?

Billy Joel.

Ummm …

Now, if you grew up in the ’70s and early ’80s, Billy was the man. But he hasn’t had a hit in two decades. Yeah, we don’t get the hype. (If you do, he’s coming Dec. 5.)

Either do you

Some Hornets players gave this, um, welcome?

//><!--The rest of you said …//--><!

C5’s Take

Okay, yeah, so we do know all the words to Piano Man. And Movin’ Out. And Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. But that’s just because our parents listen to him.

Photo: Scott Roth / AP