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We got us some buck$ in the Queen City

The Story

You feeling the money, Charlotte? You should be. According to data-crunching="crunching" website,  Charlotte is the 11th richest big city in America.

The Facts

– That stat is based on the percentage of folks earning at least $150K.

– 10.8% of our population makes at least $150K

– Nearly 40% have a bachelor’s degree

– San Fran is wealthiest city

The proof is in our CEOs

We believe it. Just check out these recent big-money moves:

– Family Dollar CEO Howard Levine could make a cool $152.2 million in a few weeks. He plans to sell 1 million to 2 million shares of his FDO stock. (If you recall, Family Dollar just got sold to Dollar Tree in an $8.5 billion deal.) That’s a lot o’ dollars!

– Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan was just named one of the 5 most expensive CEOs to fly around. Congrats! Fortune Magazine reported that Moynihan racked up $448,251 in corporate jet use in fiscal 2013. That’s some sweet frequent flyer miles.

C5’s Take

We think C5 would look nice in a corporate jet.

Photo: John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer