Around Town

There’s a new Queen groundhog in town. And she has a Twitter account

The Story

Today (Monday February 2nd) is Groundhog Day (you already knew that, right?), and the Nature Museum will trot out a new Queen Charlotte to predict when winter ends.

Why new?

The old one died of cancer last year. Don’t shed too many tears — she was a biter and never loved the spotlight.

Meet the new Queen Charlotte:

– Our new Queen Charlotte is just a pup, rescued in Raleigh. When she was found, she was so sick she could barely walk.

– She’s so new to the Queen job, she likely won’t be lifted in the air — standard procedure at the Groundhog Day festivities at the Nature Museum.

– In fact, who knows if she’ll come out to look at her shadow. Her handlers may just let her stay in her living quarters.

– She’s currently under training to learn how to eat food from a handler, ride in her carrier and get used to big groups of onlookers.



Her Tweets

The Queen is sweet on Twitter!

(Hey, that’s cheating!)

Here is a video of the Queen-in-Training, showing quite impressive flexibility.

C5’s Prediction

We figure we’re as good at predicting the weather as a furry critter. Tonight, lows are supposed to dip into the 20s. And it’s supposed to rain during the day. So, being the optimists that we are, we will go ahead and declare an end to winter. You’re welcome.

 Photos: T. Ortega Gaines & Robert Lahser / Charlotte Observer