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CEO: South Carolina’s roads a “disgrace”

The Story

Michelin North America’s president and chairman says he’s tired of SC’s lousy infrastructure and says the legislature better do something, or else!

The Facts

– Pete Selleck commented during a recruiting trip at USC that if something wasn’t done soon about the state’s roads, Michelin North America may have to reconsider any expansion plans.

– Legislative leaders and Gov. Haley say they are definitely, without a doubt going to address this in 2015.


– “It’s easy for anyone to see the condition of the roads in our state. We’re asking our government leaders to work together to reach a long-term solution to this problem.” – Selleck

– “This guy Selleck needs to drive some of the states I travel to on the East Coast and then tell me our roads are the only disgraceful roads.” – Commenter on

C5’s Take

Yes, new roads! Wait, one of the solutions is to boost the gas tax? But, that’s the main reason we go to South Carolina.

Photo: Diedra Laird / Charlotte Observer