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Came, Loved, Stayed: 8 questions with Kami Mattioli, SportingNews’ college basketball editor

Ah, Charlotte. The city of transplants.

A large chunk of Charlotte’s population is comprised of out-of-towners, known lovingly as transplants by many natives. We’ve found that many of those transplants end up falling in love with the city and stick around.

For that reason, we offer you “Came, Loved, Stayed,” a series in which we intend to explore the who, what, when, where, and why behind people coming to and staying in Charlotte.

We’re starting off the series with Kami Mattioli, SportingNews’ college basketball editor.

Originally from Philadelphia, Mattioli moved here in June 2013 and has enjoyed the Queen City ever since.

(1) What brought you here?

I came down for a job with SportingNews. I was the associate media director, that’s what they hired me for.

(2) What made you stay?

I just really liked the people that I worked with; I liked the area. It seems like it’s a bigger city than it is, and that’s a good thing because I could never last in a place like New York City.

We have a lot of the same resources. We have good pro teams. It just suited what I needed it to be.

(3) What was your first impression of Charlotte?

The people were so much more friendly.

Coming from Philly, the people were so much more involved with themselves than they are down here. I just remember that everything flowed a lot more smoothly.

The traffic, there was virtually none than what I’m normally used to, the airport was much less crowded than what I’m normally used to. Just everything seemed a lot more laid back, which was nice.

(4) How has that impression changed or stayed the same over time?

I think I really notice it a lot more when I go other places. When I go back home, I really notice how everything is a lot more frenetic there, and … people are a lot more in a rush to get to places.

And not even necessarily because it’s important, just because they feel like, “I have to do this, I have to do that,” and then I come down here and everything is just, you know, you can sort of move at a different pace down here.

(5) What do you love about Charlotte?

The thing that I like the most is the convenience. Everything is ten minutes away from where you are.  

(6) Breweries or brunch? Hornets or Panthers?

Brunch. I’m not a beer person. Hornets. I’m a basketball person.

(7) Why would you (or wouldn’t you) recommend Charlotte to friends?

Everybody that I’ve brought down here [has said], “Why would you ever leave here?” I totally agree with that. …

Every time I’d call anyone that I’d known back in Philly or anywhere else and said, “Hey, this is what I’m doing in Charlotte,” they’re always really jealous. So I would definitely recommend it for sure.

(8) What’s next for you?

I wish I knew the answer to that. I ended up staying here way longer than I thought. I gave myself like nine months to a year when I first moved down here, and I thought I’d be ready to leave when I got to that time but I’m two years in now and I’m still here.

It’s just kinda surprising. It would take a lot to get me to leave, which is also surprising.

Want to indulge in even more Mattioli content? Check out her personal blog, which is comprised of anecdotes of her “navigating the sports media world, cupcake by cupcake.”

Madysan Foltz
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