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Long line at the doctor’s? Blame insurance

The Story

Doctor offices are particularly busy this month, the Observer’s Ann Doss Helms reports, due to a myriad of factors, including how insurance plans are structured, leftover money in health spending accounts and, yes, Obamacare.

The Facts

– More than likely, you have a high deductible insurance plan. If you’ve actually met that high deductible, you’ve only got a few more weeks to get some deductible-free health care. You earned it — go get it! Everybody else is.

– If you have a flexible spending plan, you only get to roll over $500. So spend away. But sorry, your Botox likely isn’t covered.

– However, if you’re flush with cash this year, you may decide it’s finally time to get that teeth whitening or lipo. A good economy is driving patients to get non-urgent procedures.

– Finally have insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act? Then you’re just happy you can finally go to the doctor without it costing a fortune.


Waiting is not cool at doctor’s office. What’s the point of making an appointment ?

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 C5’s Take

Our deductible hasn’t been met, we’ve used up our flex spending account and we haven’t gotten a raise this year. I guess we won’t be joining the party at the doctor’s office this year.

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