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Oops: 700 feet of streetcar track laid incorrectly

The Story

You know that streetcar project tearing up Trade Street and Elizabeth Avenue? Turns out 700 feet of the Gold Line track was put in wrong and has to be ripped up and re-laid, reports NBC Charlotte.

The Facts

– Business owners told the TV station that the track was off by about an inch. Ouch.

– The contractor is taking full responsibility.

– Believe it or not, the screwup supposedly will not delay the $37 million leg, which is set to finish next year.


“The contractor put down the tracks incorrectly.” — CATS in an email to NBC Charlotte

C5’s Take

We feel for the businesses all along this stretch of the Gold Line, which have suffered during these two years of construction. We hope this streetcar is more of a boom than a bust when it opens.

Photo: Streetcar: T. Ortega Gaines