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The 8 worst parking lots in Charlotte

Time for a #firstworldproblems rant: Here are the 8 worst places to park in Charlotte.

(1) Trader Joes at The Metropolitan

People, just drive up to the second or third level. You waiting for somebody to load their groceries, put their cart back and get back to the car quite frankly drives the rest of us insane.

metropolitan parking charlotte



(2) Starbucks on East and Kenilworth

There are only five spots you’re even allowed to use. The rest all have this mean sign. Turn left and head to Dilworth Coffee, or Dilworth Espresso, or whatever name it’s called now.



starbucks east parking charlotte

starbucks east parking charlotte

(3) Carolinas Medical Center – Main

This parking deck may be Charlotte’s worst. The “compact” spaces are sized for European cars, yet are stuffed with American Hummers. The route up is filled with blind turns that most drivers take too wide. It’s always full, except for the very top — a solid 10-minute journey. Minus a new baby visit, I’m usually there for something grim. And when you leave, you get to pay $3 for the experience. Cash only, of course.

cmc main charlotte parking

(4) Panera Bread on Fairview

It takes about a 10-point turn to get into or out of a parking spot here.



(5) Crisp/Starbucks in Elizabeth

First, what is up with that crap shopping center on Seventh Street that looks like a strong wind could knock it down? Why isn’t it gone? It hoards all the good parking spots for the crap Dollar General. (Although I did score two Panthers t-shirts for my kids …) If you want to go to Crisp or Starbucks, you are forced into a postage-sized parking lot riddled with potholes.


crisp parking charlotte nc

crisp-parking charlotte nc

(6) Kings Street Farmers Market

I tried once to park in this mini-lot along Kings. I almost killed a person and a tomato stand. You’re better off in the dirt lot next door.

kinds street farmers market parking charlotte nc

(7) Reid’s on Selwyn

Two questions here: Which one is the real spot? And who drives a compact car in Myers Park?

reid’s selwyn parking lot

(8) Packard Place

Do entrepreneurs not drive? This lot is near impossible. I always imagine that some hipster making 3x what I make is watching me park from his ultra-cool Packard Place office and guffawing. BTW, your ticket machine doesn’t work half the time.

packard place parking charlotte nc

C5’s Challenge to You

What did we miss? We know there are more god-awful lots in town. Send them our way and we’ll do ParkingFromHell 2.0. Contact us or tweet us @charlotte_five or bother Ted directly, ted(at)

Photo: Google Maps