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How tiny is a Tiny House? Bigger than a breadbox, but not by much

The tiny house movement is edging its way into Charlotte. These dwellings are pretty much what they sound like: Really small homes. In fact, 500 square feet or less.

They’re getting increasingly popular across the country as more people seek to live a more sustainable, less expensive lifestyle. And they’re cute! Here’s one in South Charlotte, and another in the N.C. mountain community Flat Rock:

Dillon Deaton


Tiny, right? But just how small is 500 square feet? By comparison, it’s about the size of …

Three parking spaces

This is a Moneywise Centerpiece focusing on the parking situation at CLT. BUDGETLINE FOR STORY BELOW:Parking at Charlotte's airport is cheaper than at other airports, but it can be tough to find a space, especially with airport officials keeping some lots closed so others fill up. We explain what the deal is with airport parking lot management, and also break a little more bad news: parking rates will go up.........T.ORTEGA T.ORTEGA GAINES Staff Photographer

It’s bigger than a 10-person suite at Bank of America Stadium (which is about 400 sq. ft.) but only half the size of the Mack Daddy ones (about 1,300 sq. ft):

DAVID T. FOSTER III Staff Photographer

They’re about the length of 20 MacBook Pros:


You could fit about 5 of these frozen lemonade carts you see college kids pushing at the beach:


And they’re MUCH bigger than the average prison cell in America, which is about 50-80 square feet:

choice bus
Chet Pennock of The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation speaks to students in the Choice Bus about the consequences of their choices in life before showing them the exact replica of a prison cell (foreground) in the back of the bus during Wednesday's Choice Bus appearance at the Performance Learning Center on N. Graham St. Charlotte students are boarding The Choice Bus this week - a half-classroom, half-prison cell mobile experience dedicated to reducing the dropout rate in the U.S. The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation's Choice Bus has touched the lives of more than two million people in 20 states, sharing the powerful message of what education can bring - at least $1 million over a person's lifetime if they graduate from college. Did you know that every 26 seconds across America, a student drops out of high school? And the period between semesters at the winter break is often when students drop out? The Choice Bus is the nation's first mobile experience dedicated to showing students the power of their choices. Charlotte students will have the opportunity to board the bus from Tuesday, April 8 through Thursday, April 10. Diedra Laird

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